Why just say I love you when you could hug? A hug does the trick that the longest of your letters will be unable to do. Hugging has been known to have a lot of psychological health benefits. It doesn't only spread love but also helps control paced heartbeats. The Valentine week gives us plenty of ways to cherish love! Valentine day calendar/list is very exciting and has something fun and loving on each day of the week. Starts with Rose Day on the 7th of February celebrating the "love flower," then Propose Day on 8th of February celebrates proposals, Chocolate Day on 9th bringing in some sweetness in life, Teddy Day on 10th because being mushy is liked by all, Promise Day on 11th to make promises, Hug Day on 12th to take things a little further, Kiss Day on 13th to make things sexy and finally Valentine’s Day on 14th. Today is hug day and anyone who underestimates the power of hug has probably never been hugged warmly ever. I am no hug expert but here are a few types of hugs that I feel exist in the world and their meanings. National Hugging Day 2019: Celebrity Hugs That Grabbed Headlines!

Types of Hugs

Side hugs: This means that they don't love you so much but don't even dislike you. In fact, they haven't known you so much but surely wish to know you more.

Closed-eyes hugs: This means the person is pleased to hug you and finds you to be their home. They may even treat you like family. It also says that they have embraced you after a long time and felt content.

Pick-them up hug: The hug where you pick the other person up. This means you are super excited to see them, so much so that you don't want to leave them at all. This usually happens in best friends.

Long hugs: The lover-lover hug. This type of hug means that you don't need words to talk to each other and the hugs are enough. This type of hugs says, 'I am there for you, whenever you need me.'

Run and jump hug: This inevitably means that you have seen the other person for a long time and you just want to kill the distance between you and take the other person home.

Hugs are a way of saying I love you in the best way possible. Not only does it make you feel better instantly but it also helps share your loved one's pains.

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