Sabarimala Makaravilakku 2022 Live Streaming Online to Watch Makara Jyothi in Kerala:  Makaravalikku is one of the most important festivals celebrated at Sabarimala Temple in Kerala. Commemorated on the day the sun enters the Makar Rashi, Makaravilakku 2022 will be celebrated on January 14. Thousands of people head over to the Sabrimala Temple in Kerala on this day to offer their prayers to Lord Ayyappa. The celebration of Makaravilakku revolves around the lighting of the lamp thrice on the Ponnambalamedu hill, 4 km away from the temple. Even if people cannot visit the Sabrimala temple personally, watching the Live Streaming of Sabarimala Makaravilakku is customary. But where can one watch the Makaravalikku 2022 Live Stream? Well, read on to find out. Makaravilakku 2022 Makara Jyothi Live Streaming Online From Sabarimala Temple: Know Date, Celestial Significance of Makar Sankranti Celebrations in Kerala.

The celebration of Makaravilakku 2022 is bound to be a little different as we battle the third wave of COVID-19. More people are sure to choose to stay home and watch this auspicious ceremony while also keeping everyone safe. The Makaravilakku ceremony will be observed on January 14. In the evening, around sunset, the priests at the Sabrimala temple light a lamp three times on the Ponnambalamedu hill. This lamp is known as Makar Jyoti. This light is believed to have celestial origins and is shown by the chief priests at the Pamba temple, which is at the base of Sabarimala. Makaravilakku 2022 Date: Know Significance of Makara Jyothi and Kerala Festival Observed on Makar Sankranti at the Shrine of Sabarimala.

How to watch Makaravilakku 2022 Ceremony Live?

While the celebration of Makaravilakku is live telecasted across various channels. While there are no official channels, major television channels in Kerala, as well as Youtube channels, telecast this event every year. The live telecast of the Makaravilakku ceremony will begin at 5 pm on January 14 on various channels.

Watch - Sabarimala Makara Vilakku 2022 Live

Makaravilakku 2022 Live Streaming Online From Sabarimala Temple in Kerala

The auspicious celestial flame/light or Makara Jyothi will be seen post-sunset, so tune into the live streaming channels post 5 PM on January 14. The Makaravilakku ceremony will be performed after adorning the idol of Lord Ayyappa with the sacred gold ornaments post that.

The lighting of the Makaravilakku is done after the Sirius star appears in the sky. The celebration of Makaravilakku 2022 is sure to fill our lives with all the happiness and love. We hope that this Makar Jyoti brings love and light into your life. Happy Makaravalikku 2022!

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