The UAE Hilal Committee has not sighted the crescent moon today, authorities have confirmed. The holy month of Ramadan ul Kareem will begin from May 6.

Decision sighting on crescent moon in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is awaited. The Hilal Committee in UAE will issue an announcement shortly. Stay tuned here for the fastest updates.

Abu Dhabi, May 4: The Holy month of Ramadan could begin from tomorrow in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), if the moon is sighted today. The Hilal Sighting Committee have been tasked by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to keep a close watch on the crescent in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai. Stay tuned here for the live news and updates on Ramadan moon sighting in UAE. Live Updates on Ramadan Moon Sighting 2019 in KSA.

If the moon is not sighted today, then the Ramadan fasts will begin from Monday, May 6. The decision of Saudi Arabia, considered to be the epicentre of Islam, will also impact the decision of UAE Hilal Committee. The neighbouring nation will also issue an official announcement on moon sighting later in the evening from the Masjid Al Haram or Mecca Grand Mosque. Click here for the live streaming of announcement in KSA via Makkah TV Online.

The sighting of moon will also commence of the special Taraweeh prayers across all mosques of UAE. The prayer is held post namaz-e-Isha, for 27 consecutive days of Ramadan. Through the prayers, the holy Quran is recited.

If the moon gets sighted in UAE and KSA, it is most likely that the crescent would be spotted in most parts of Africa, Europe and the West.

In the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, attempts to sight the crescent moon will be made on Sunday. If the moon remains invisible, Ramadan fasts in that region will begin on Tuesday.