Subho Bijoya Dashami 2020 Image Messages & Sindoor Khela Wallpapers for Free Download Online: Durga Puja is almost coming to an end, and the last day of Pujo is celebrated as Bijoya Dashami after which Durga Visarjan or immersion of Maa Durga idols take place. Married woman play Sindoor Khela and bid goodbye to Maa Durga. Subho Bijoya Dashami This day falls on the tenth day of the Hindu month of Ashwin and is commemorated on October 25 as well as October 26 depending on region to region customs and traditions. Bijoya Dashami is another name for Vijayadashami, which is celebrated as Dussehra or Dasara in other parts of the country. Speaking of Bijoya Dashami, Bengalis celebrate this auspicious day with a bitter-sweet feeling, since it is the day that Goddess Durga embarks upon her journey back to Mount Kailasha. They wish each other, Shubho Bijoya and celebrate the victory of good over evil. Shubho Bijoya translates to Happy Vijayadashmi in English, and people wish family and friends Shubho Bijoya with beautiful images and greetings. We present you a bunch of Subho Bijoya Dashami images and HD wallpapers, Maa Durga photos with Subho Bijoya Dashami in Bengali, Happy Vijayadashmi, Subho Bijoya WhatsApp Stickers and Facebook Status Pictures.

Durga Puja is the six-day celebrations, which begin from Maha Shashti, which falls on the sixth day of the grand Hindu festival of Navratri. It is believed that Goddess Durga visits her father on earth during this period. It is also the time when Goddess Durga destroys the buffalo demon who terrorises earth - Mahishasur. According to mythological folklore, Goddess Durga kills Mahishasur on Maha Navami, when she takes the form of Mahisasur Mardini. On the last day of Durga Puja, people celebrate this victory of Goddess Durga, which signifies the victory of good over evil.

Goddess Durga, who is said to be visiting her natal home during Pujo, is believed to head back to Mount Kailash. This is the reason that her idols decorated in the Durga Pandals across the country are taken for immersion. Shubho Bijoya is celebrated right after the immersion of the idols and goes on till Diwali. As we commemorate this auspicious festivity, here are a few Shubho Bijoya Wishes and Messages, Happy Vijayadashmi WhatsApp Stickers and Facebook Status Pictures to share with your friends and family. The list also contains Subho Bijoya Dashami images download, Subho Bijoya Dashami in Bengali pic, Subho Bijoya Dashami quotes, Subho Bijoya Dashami SMS, Subho Bijoya Dashami GIF, Subho Bijoya Dashami 2020 photo, Bijoya Dashami images free download, Bijoya Dashami 2020 GIF, and more.

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WhatsApp Message Reads: May Maa Durga’s Blessings Guide You to Follow the Right Path and Help You Succeed in Your Endeavours. Shubho Bijoya!

Subho Bijoya Dashami (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: May the Wait Be Shorter for Next Puja. Subho Bijaya Dashami.

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WhatsApp Message Reads: Shubho Bijoya to All of You! Wishing You and Your Dear Ones a Very Happy Vijaya Dashami.

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WhatsApp Message Reads: Wishing You a Joyous Vijaya Dashami! Shubho Bijoya!

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WhatsApp Message Reads: May This Vijaya Dashami Lights Up for You. The Hopes of Happy Times, And Dreams for a Year Full of Smiles! Shubho Bijoya to All of You!

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WhatsApp Message Reads: Wish You All the Best on the Occasion of Bijoya Dashami …

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If pictures and messages are not sufficient for you to wish Subho Bijoya Dashami to your family and friends, then you can download WhatsApp Stickers online. To download Subho Bijoya stickers for free, go to the Play Store app. Here's the link, where you will find colourful Subho Bijoya Dashami 2020 WhatsApp Stickers, GIF image greetings, and status video for free download.

Subho Bijoya Greetings in Bengali: WhatsApp Messages & Dashami Wishes to Bid Adieu to Maa Durga

Bijoya celebrations coincide with Dussehra celebrations in the North. And although it is celebrated just after Navratri, the similarity between these two festivals is the ethos of the celebration - that good always overpowers the evil. Here is wishing all of you a Shubho Bijoya. We hope that this Bijoya Dashmi brings in all the joy, prosperity and peace!

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