With the onset of summer, the need for glasses and other ways to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays begins to be felt. UV radiation is three times more harmful in summer than in winter. Ultraviolet rays in strong sunlight affect the eyes, skin and other parts of the body. Harmful UV rays are known to cause Skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma), premature ageing and other skin damage, immune system suppression, cataracts and other eye damage in many people. Complaints like burning in the eyes, watering, dizziness, nausea, etc. are common amongst people sensitive to UV rays. To avoid the harmful rays of the sun, we must use sunscreen before stepping out of the house. UVA and UVB rays damage our skin which can lead to problems like pigmentation, red sunburn patches etc. From Sunglasses To Exercises, 7 Tips To Protect Your Eyes From Harmful UV Rays in Summer.

UV Safety Awareness Month 2022 Date & Significance

July is said to be UV Safety Month. At this time with the changing weather, special attention should be paid to the eye and skincare. It is very important to protect the eyes from these harmful UV rays when you step out of the house during this season. Exposure to these rays and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause allergic reactions in the eyes. To avoid the harmful rays of the sun, we must use sunscreen before stepping out of the house.

Are You Safe From The Ill Effects of Sun on a Cloudy or Rainy Day?

The sunlight that comes out after the onset of rain is very strong. In the month of July-August, the harmful ultraviolet rays released from the sun cause a lot of damage to the body. You must be very careful and not forget to use sunscreen and glasses even on cloudy or rainy days. The eye is one of the most important and delicate organs of our body. That's why we have to pay special attention to its safety. Although it is necessary to take care of our eyes every day, since July is observed as UV Safety Month, we must also spread awareness as much as possible during this time.

Just like visible light, infrared and radio waves, ultraviolet rays are also electromagnetic radiation. On the spectrum, UV light ranges between violet light and X rays with wavelengths from 4 to 400 nanometers. Although they cannot be seen with the eyes, due to prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun, we can be affected. This radiation of ultraviolet rays becomes the cause of sunburn and serious eye diseases.

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