Riyadh, March 13: Muslims in Saudi Arabi and UAE or United Arab Emirates are preparing to welcome Ramadan 2023. Ramadan, also spelt as Ramzan, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is considered as the holiest month by Muslims. The beginning of Ramadan 2023 in Saudi Arabi and UAE will be determined by a moon sighting. Ahead of the important day, Muslims have started looking for "Ramadan 2023 moon sighting date" and "Ramadan 2023 date" online.

Here it may be recalled that Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycle. An Islamic month completes 29 or 30 days depending on the moon sighting. On 29th of every month, Muslims or the moon-sighting committees look for the new moon. If the moon is sighted, a new month begins from the next day. If the moon is not sighted, a new month begins after the ongoing month completes 30 days. Islamic Calendar 2023: From Ramadan to Eid al-Fitr and Bakrid, List of Muslim Festivals, Events, Holidays and Their Georgian and Hijri Dates.

Ramadan 2023 Moon Sighting Date in Saudi Arabia and UAE:

Shaban, the month before Ramadan, started from February 21 in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Hence, March 21 would be 29th of Shaban when Muslims will look for the new moon. If the moon is sighted on March 21, Ramadan 2023 shall begin from March 22. In case the moon remain invisible on March 21, Shaban will complete 30 days on March 22. Subsequently, Muslims will observe the Ramadan fast on March 23. Ramadan 2023 Date in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: As Countdown To Holy Month of Fasting Begins, Know Tentative Dates for Ramzan 1444 Here.

Origin of Ramzan:

The holy month of Ramzan was recognised and dates back to the seventh century. A section of Muslims believe the holy Quran was first revealed to Prophet Mohammed on 27th night of Ramadan. Some other sections are of the view that the definite date is not known and the revelation happened one of the odd-numbered nights of the last ten days of Ramadan.

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