Social media - has been posed as the saviour of the world and can be deemed the devil that will bring an end to it. The boons and banes of Social Media are discussed in detail, day in and day out, by those who strive to help people be safe and protect their privacy, despite having a socially active life. However, having these conversations on a larger scale is a challenge. And the celebration of World Social Media Day gives one such opportunity. World Social Media Day 2022 will be celebrated on June 30. As we prepare to celebrate this annual observance, here is everything you need to know about World Social Media Day, how to celebrate this day, tips & tricks for being safe on social media and more. June 2022 Holidays Calendar With Festivals & Events: A List Of All Important International Dates And Indian Bank Holidays.

When is World Social Media Day 2022?

World Social Media Day 2022 will be celebrated on June 30. First launched by Mashable in June 2010, Social Media Day is dedicated to being a celebration of all that was made possible by the power of social media and the internet.

Significance of World Social Media Day

During its conception, World Social Media Day was focused on helping people become more accustomed to social media and understand how much it can help the world. However, in the current times, it is more important than ever to help people understand the right and safe way of making the most of social media. From protecting one’s data to ensuring your privacy is intact and you are safe from phishing attempts, there are far too many things that one needs to be educated about. World Social Media Day 2022 will be focused on this and much more.

The celebration of World Social Media Day 2022 is sure to have various key conversation points. One main conversation needs to be comparing fake news and understanding how to practice safe messaging. We hope that you do your bit this World Social Media Day to ensure your social media usage is as safe as possible. Happy World Social Media Day 2022!

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