Every year May 17 is observed as World Hypertension Day. Many patients all over the world suffer from high blood pressure, however, they lack awareness about this health condition. Often people take it lightly but high blood pressure can cause many other major diseases. World Hypertension Day is celebrated to spread awareness about hypertension among people. People also raise awareness about measuring blood pressure regularly. High blood pressure is preventable and yet it remains a major cause of death worldwide. According to the National Family Health Survey, across India in 2017 it was found that one out of every eight Indians suffers from high blood pressure. Foods for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): From Citrus Fruits to Pumpkin Seeds, Here Are Five Foods to Keep Your BP Under Control.

World Hypertension Day History

World Hypertension Day was first observed in 2005 by the World Hypertension League. It has been celebrated on May 17 every year since 2006. People's blood pressure is rising day by day with the changing routine and it is very important to control it because every fourth person in the world is struggling with this problem.

What is Hypertension?

A normal person should ideally have a blood pressure reading of 120/80. If it is 140/90 or more then in such a condition one might be suffering from high blood pressure. Obesity, unhealthy routine, genetic reasons also cause high blood pressure in people, it can in turn cause the heart to feel pressure, which is not good at all in terms of health.

Dangers of Hypertension

Hypertension is not just limited to just numbers, it gradually leads to many other conditions. Patients with hypertension are at risk of heart attack and stroke. There is also a risk of damage to the kidneys and other organs.

On World Hypertension Day, people are made aware of these dangers. Expert seminars are organized on this day. Group discussions on hypertension and related topics are organised in health institutions and patients are advised to get rid of it.

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