If you are a die-hard foodie then you'd love to try out new dishes, explore new places and find some amazing food combinations. But your love for food and foodgasm will be ruined if you scroll through Twitter these days. There are some weirdest food combinations that are being shared on the micro-blogging platform which are rather cringe-worthy. From Kaju Katli being dipped in the ketchup, Gulab Jamun as a pizza topping and now a Kurkure Milkshake, these food combinations are not even for the experimental foodie. It would not be wrong to say that Desi twitter can ruin all feelings of foodgasm for you. Pineapple in Paneer Makhani? Woman's Tweet About Food Served In Shatabdi Makes Us Think of Some Weirdest Food Combos!

Pictures of these weird food combinations are being shared online. It started with someone spotting a person eating Kaju Katli with ketchup on their Instagram. The picture went viral and needless to say, people were unimpressed. If that wasn't enough, another weird combination of Gulab Jamun on a pizza, shocked the internet. And now, a picture of Kurkure Milkshake has been shared recently.

Check Viral Picture of Kurkure Milkshake:

Everyone is wondering, just why? Why would someone ruin the taste of both? Check some of the reactions on this viral picture.


Please Delete This Account

People Have Really Lost It!

This Image Says it All!

Can You Please Save Some Oxygen?

No one is really fond of these food combos and we really gather the courage of these people who have gone so experimental. But why such blasphemy with food?

Here's The Picture of Pizza With Gulab Jamun:

Whoever tried this, has not just ruined the dessert but also the fast food. Like, didn't we have enough debates of pineapple on pizza before? We cannot even imagine the taste. All these weird food combinations have come up online in the last few days and if this some sort of trend catching up, then it should just stop!

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