You need vitamin D to support your immunity, help your body absorb phosphorus and calcium, and maintain healthy blood pressure. According to experts, anyone less little than 20 ng/mL vitamin D can run the risk of deficiency. Recently, there have also been reports that vitamin D can help you fight COVID-19. But when we are spending all our times indoors during the pandemic, getting enough of the nutrient has become a challenge. Here is how to up your vitamin D intake.

A recent study found that patients with vitamin D deficiency were twice as likely to suffer from severe complications from COVID-19. Sitting on a sunny window will not help you get enough vitamin D since UV rays do not travel through glass. Eat these foods to boost your vitamin D levels.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is one of the best foods available to up your vitamin D intake. You can either swallow a capsule, or add the liquid to your salad dressing, smoothie, or glass water. One teaspoon of cod liver oil will be enough to fill you with your daily recommended intake of vitamin D. From Chronic Pain to High Blood Pressure, 7 Signs You Need To Get More Vitamin D.


Salmon can be another excellent choice to fill you up with about 112% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin D. Say yes to fish everyone. Could Vitamin-D Boost Your Immunity and Decrease Your Risk of COVID-19? Here's the Link Between the Vital Nutrient and Your Respiratory Health.

Egg Yolk

No matter how much you debate whether you should eat eggs in summers, there is no denying that eggs are excellent sources of vitamin D. One large egg yolk contains around 5% of your daily recommended vitamin D intake. Vitamin D Deficiency in Winter: Health Problems Due To The Lack of Enough Sunlight.


When it comes to plant-based sources of vitamin D, mushrooms are the only one. Mushrooms contain vitamin D2, but you can increase their levels of vitamin D by keeping them in sunlight before consuming.

Bottomline: Our bodies need vitamin D to improve immunity, but when getting enough sunshine is tricky, you might have to turn to these foods to fill your quota of this essential hormone.

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