Needle Fear in Australia and New Zealand After Strawberry With Needle Stuck Inside Leaves a Man Hospitalised in Queensland
Needle Fear in Australia and New Zealand after Strawberry With Needle Stuck Inside Leaves Man Hospitalised (Picture Credit: Facebook/ Joshua Gane)

Recently, in a horrific incident, sewing needles have been discovered hidden in the strawberries found in Australia. This as created a fear in Australia while the investigations have already started to find out the culprit of this horrendous crime, as per reports by BBC. It has been reported that contaminated punnets of strawberries are present on six states and territories. Reports further say that it is called a 'vicious crime' by a minister.

The needle contaminated strawberries were eaten by a man who was later taken to the hospital. Various big brands have recalled their berries and have asked New Zealand's biggest grocers have ceased the selling of strawberries from Australia as a precautionary move. However, no suspect has been found yet and the state government of Queensland has also offered a reward of A$ 100,000 for information related to this crime. Brands like Berry Licious, Berry Obsession, Love Berry, Delightful Strawberries Donnybrook Berries and Oasis have been caught up in the scare. Countdown and Foodstuffs- two of the largest food distributors have stopped importing Australian strawberries.

Health officials have adviced the people to not eat strawberries directly instead eat it after cutting it. This case may negatively affect the people growing strawberries and also affect their sales. BBC reports say that the Queensland Strawberry Growers' Association believes that a 'disgruntled employee' may have placed the needles.

Queensland Strawberries confirmed on their Facebook page of the cases of contamination of strawberries.

Another post by Joshua provides the first-hand information of the case. The post says, 'Just posting this as a warning to anyone that has bought strawberries (Berry Obsessions) from Woolworths recently. Driving up to the coast when Hoani van Dorp bites through a strawberry and swallows half a sewing needle. We then checked the other strawberries and found another sewing needle lodged inside one of them. We are now at the ER because he subsequently started experiencing severe abdominal pain. Just being a helpful member of the community and making sure your children don’t have to endure what we have had to experience today. Please make your family and friends aware.' Take a look.

Another update on the Queensland Strawberries page says, 'Following several incidents of tampering with strawberry punnets sold in supermarkets this week, Queensland Strawberry Growers Association is working with government departments and police who are investigating the matter. It appears the punnets of strawberries were interfered with between the time they were packed and the time they were purchased. Retailers have subsequently removed from sale all stock identified as having potential risk.'