You have just grown out your nails, and the next thing you know is that they have begun to chip. It is frustrating, indeed! But more than not being able to have that perfect manicure, there are more things to worry about. Your nails can take a beating from your -to-day life and just split. But if they are consistently breaking, there could be more dangerous underlying causes. Here's all you need to know!

Dry Nails

Just like your hair and skin, you can see cracks on your surface when they are dry. When nails get dry, they begin to peel. Dry nails can be the result of dry skin, sun damage, or exposure to harsh cosmetics and soaps.


Trauma is a widespread cause of peeling nails. It can result from an injury from sports. However, even small trauma like opening a can of soda can potentially break your nails. Toenail Discolouration: Things Your Nail Colour Says About Your Health.

Harsh Manicures

The removal process of gel polish can potentially damage your nails. Plus, too much scraping on your nail plate can make it thin. Never peel your gel polish but soak it in polish remover when it gets chipped. Peeling your gel polish can create further peeling.

Extreme Diets

If you are not getting proper nutrients, your nails can not be healthy either. Be mindful of extreme diets and get appropriate doses of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients every day. Clear Nails Plus Review: New Information Released.

An Underlying condition

Sometimes, peeling nails can be indicative of a more serious underlying problem. Many systemic issues or diseases that affect the nails. Winter Nail Care: How to Prevent Cracked Cuticles and Peeling Nails During The Colder Months.

 If you notice your nails chipping, it is because they are weakening with age. Much like your hair, your nails become dry and brittle with age as well.

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