Even after seeing those pictorial warning on tobacco products, we continue to consume them. A lot of us like to stay in denial unless something unfortunate hit us. Quite ironically, the anti-tobacco campaigns are also not helping in reducing tobacco use. While we hope for a reduction of the numbers of users in the country through these campaigns, there are a few ways to give up smoking if one wants to. Here are a few ways to resist cravings among users.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy can help avoid tobacco urge that usually lasts for five to ten minutes. You can try using a prescription nicotine nasal spray or inhaler, gums and lozenges and prescription stop-smoking medications like bupropion and varenicline. Tobacco Smoking Potential Risk Factor for Coronavirus: Study.

Avoiding Triggers

Your urge for tobacco can be most persuasive in situations where you have smoked in a party or when stressed out. To avoid these trigger situations, have a plan ready. So if you smoke while talking over the phone, get a pen and a paper and doodle something instead of lighting the danger stick up. How to Deal with The Withdrawal Symptoms of Cigarette Smoking During COVID-19 Lockdown? Tips to Survive Without Nicotine!

Delay Smoking

When you feel a strong urge for tobacco, delay it for some time. Tell yourself that you will smoke after ten minutes. Then walk to a no-smoking zone where you won’t be able to smoke. These simple tricks may be of great help to reduce cravings. Best Scientific Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking.

Chew a Gum

Whenever you have the urge to light up the cigarette, tear the wrapper of sugarless gum and chew on it. Raw carrots, nuts or sunflower seeds can also be of great help to avoid the urge.

While it is not easy to give up smoking, these tips will help you kick the butt. Make sure that you follow them consciously if you really want to reduce your tobacco use.

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