Kissing is no less than art. With a perfect kiss, your partner can figure out a lot about you. But for this, you should know how to kiss just the right way. Especially if it is your first kiss, you should know types and ways to kiss your partner to make the event memorable. It is very important to know how to kiss your partner because if you have come into a new relationship kissing is like an important step forward in a relationship. Let's know how to kiss for the first time, types of kisses like french kiss and spiderman kiss along with essential tips.

How to Kiss?

While kissing, take full care of your partner's comfort. Touch their forehead with your in-between and also suck both the lips one after the other, or however, it goes with the two of you. The feeling of kissing for the first time is different and it can also go both ways. If you want to keep this beautiful feeling for a long time, then do not let them feel uncomfortable in any way. Lean slightly on them so that you do not have trouble kissing them, as well as give support to their back will kissing with your hands.  Kiss Day 2021 Wishes and HD Images: WhatsApp Stickers, Valentine Week Facebook Messages, Passionate Kiss Quotes, Signal Greetings, Telegram Photos and GIFs for Your Sweetheart. 

Types of Kisses

French Kiss: To French kiss, the couples come close to each other and smooch. Couples can suck their partner's lips and use their tongue as well.

Single-Lip Kiss: In a single-lip kiss, the couples kiss each other's lips and do it in any position by sitting, standing or lying down. To do this, the couples come close to each other and you have only one of your partner's lips in your mouth.

Spiderman Kiss: Spiderman Kiss got famous from Spiderman movie when Peter kisses Mary Jane. Spiderman kiss is upside down when you kiss them over the pillow.

Love Bites or Hickey: Hicky or commonly called Love Bite is a great way to show your love to your partner. It is not EXACTLY a kiss. It is the sucking action that leaves scars but is considered very romantic by many.

When kissing, keep quiet and focus on your partner. Look at them and make eye contact. This creates silence and slight sexual tension in the atmosphere. Also remember, if your partner flinches when you touch them, it is a sign that they are not comfortable. In such a situation, you should retreat yourself.

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