Shravan Gupta is an important person in the real estate business in NCR, India. Shravan Gupta MGF is the pioneer in the real estate business providing a broad range of apartments, houses, villas, and commercial spaces with the latest technology and modern living standards. He is a Delhi-based real estate developer. MGF Group is a famous real estate developer in Delhi and constructed many malls in Delhi and other cities. MGF Group is differentiated from other developers by providing innovative solutions for infrastructure development.

MGF Group and its Projects

Shravan Gupta developed his family financial business into MGF Group, a real estate business in the year 1997. Shravan Gupta is the key person in the development of MGF Group. He is serving as Chairman and MD of the MGF Group. The MGF Group joint ventured with Emaar properties in 2005 and invested nearly Rs 8,500 crore as FDI and developed many projects along with Emaar Properties. He was the promoter of the Emaar Group in India. He also led the Emaar India.

To the Way of Growth

Shravan Gupta is leading the MGF to the next level of growth by demerging itself from the joint venture Emaar-MGF. These are starting stages of progressing MGF developments. After the demerging, he spends a lot of time in the development of MGF and wish to collaborate his vision with the latest technology in the real estate business. He created advancement in the Indian real estate business.

MGF Group using the best practices to identify and acquire the best land locations and developed many real estate projects. It has experienced professional teams to complete the projects with the latest technologies along with high living standards.

MGF Group is executing many projects include homes, retail, commercial, hospitality, and infrastructure in the capital city Delhi. It also executed projects in other cities like Haryana, Jaipur, and more.

The shopping malls like MGF Metropolitan and City Square Mall in Delhi by MGF Group improved the lives of people in the cities. Shravan Gupta is now promoting the MGF metropolis as a high-standard mall. He is becoming a pioneer in the advancement of malls in the NCR and he helped retailers earning with features of every choice, such as food restaurants and sporting courts. He created it as a place where individuals can invest valuable energy and time with loved ones.

To say example, Miraj Maximum from Miraj Entertainment will give the greatest experience of film watching. It proves the advancement of MGF Group by Shravan Gupta. All the facilities are available maximum to make it true for the name. Like it covers 26000 sq ft space, a giant screen, advanced RGB Flagship Laser digital projection system, premium seats with call buttons and charging points, and Dolby Atom for a better audio experience.

Homes are also constructed with facilities matching today’s living standards. Facilities like a modern gym, swimming pool, mini-theatre, dedicated parking area, courts for sports, and high-end security.

In addition to these, the other commercial buildings and infrastructure development projects are executing by MGF. MGF buildings and Malls in Delhi shows the development of the city to international standard.

Shravan Gupta was invited as one of the special guests for a New Year’s Eve Gala 2019 in Dubai. And also he shared his views about the real estate industry at another event at happened in Beijing called Global Real Estate Summit 2019. The developers from 22 countries have participated including Emaar. It was hosted by Uoolu, the leading platform for cross-border real estate transactions. Shravan Gupta is also using the leading technology in his real estate solutions.