Parts of California and Oregon, along the West Coast are continuing to fume in thick smoke and smog due to the raging wildfires. The aftermath of these burning fires has resulted in hazy skies with smokes entering people's homes. As the air quality continues to turn worse, people can experience breathing problems, which turns scarier amid the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus. At this point, everyone wants to know how to keep their homes clean and how to purify air from smoke. The top queries on Google in the last few days are "How to keep smoke out of house", "How to get smoke out of house", "How to filter your home air?", "How to make a box fan air purifier?". In this article, we will answer them all for you. California Wildfires Aftermath: Orange Skies Bring Ominous Glow As More Than 25 Wildfires Burn Across The State (Watch Viral Pics and Videos).

If you stay closer to the wildfire area then the fire itself can release ash that pose immediate risks to your health.In that case, evacuation is a must. Even if you stay away from the wildfire region, the smoke from the fire can still affect you. Smoke contains a mixture of many gases and fine particles that can affect your respiratory system. Let us look at how you can keep your home clean and purify the air from smoke:

  • The foremost thing to do is close your windows and doors at all times.
  • Use fans and air conditioning to keep ventilation indoors.
  • If you have a HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, adjust it to keep the smoke out. Check the filter is in good condition and get it replaced right away if it is not. United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests Medium-MERV filters are effective in controlling airborne particles.
  • Since you are indoor, consciously reduce the smoke indoors. Avoid activities like smoking, burning candles, spraying aerosol, using wood stoves, frying food, which result in more smoke.
  • Also avoid using exhaust fans, as it has the opposite effect, it brings in outside air within the home while exhausting the indoor air out. So its best if you don't use it.
  • Use N95 respirators in case the conditions become severe and cause difficulty in breathing.
  • Use a portable air-cleaner to remove the fine particles from the air.
  • If you do not have a air cleaner, you can make one at home. We give you a video tutorial for DIY Box Fan Air Cleaner.
  • Have indoor plants. Houseplants can help to purify air on a daily basis. So wildfire or not, have potted plants on your desk or near your windows to filter out harmful toxins on a daily basis. Breathe Clean: 6 Best Indoor Plants to Purify the Air in Your Home.

Watch Video to Make DIY Box Fan Air Purifier:

Do Air Purifiers Help During Wildfire Smoke?

With a recommendation to use air purifiers, there is an instant question if they really help with the thick smoke brought by wildfires. The air cleaners will not completely eliminate air pollutants but they will reduce the harmful particle concentrations. If you have one with HEPA filers, they can reduce the particles by almost 85% according to EPA. So do a research on the kind of filters before you invest in one.

Once there is clean air, open the windows and door and let it in. But first check the air quality, even if it looks clear outside, there may be particles in it.

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