#10YearChallenge Resurfaces on Social Media With Users Sharing Their Transformation in a Decade (Check Viral Tweets)
#10YearChallenge Resurfaces on Social Media (Photo Credits: @EscoBlades/ Twitter)

The good old ’10 Year Challenge’ is here again and we could not be happier! There are a lot of things that we have achieved over the past decade. It is worth to take a moment and look back at how you evolved as a person over the past ten years. A viral hashtag #10YearChallenge which initially started in January this year has resurfaced online again. With the decade coming to a close (clearly just a month away), people are participating in the viral challenge sharing the photos of themselves from 2009 next to ones taken in 2019. Social media users are amazingly tweeting their transformation in a decade. If you are someone living under the rock or completely unaware of what to do, we have embedded the tweets below in this article that will show you the craze of 10-year challenge.

How much have you changed or have accomplished is the question that falls within the broader trend of the 10-year challenge. The hashtag is being used globally with people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to label comparisons of themselves today and 10 years ago. The viral trend originally started around January this year that showed people sharing their transformation that even generated hilarious memes.

The then and now stories are almost always glow-ups, showing someone’s career that looks much better over the time and some using as proofs that they have miraculously not aged and only grown more beautiful with time. For whatever reason, people are trending 10-year challenge, it is great to see the viral trend taking over social media platforms, and netizens are taking it positively. #10YearChallenge is Trending on Social Media: Funny Memes and Jokes Show How World Has Changed in a Decade. 

10-Year Challenge Again!



Oh Yes!

This Trend is Here to Stay!

With the 10 Year Challenge being resurfaced online, it is fun to see the evolution of our netizens over these years. It is normal with the end of a decade nearing to prompt reflection. You are no longer the person that you were 10 years ago. Acknowledging the growth can help you take pride in where you are now and how your priorities have changed. And it cannot be disheartening! You have braced the challenges and grown-up to a fantastic person today. The viral ’10 Year Challenge’ celebrates that very achievement.