India is under a nationwide lockdown. Thanks to Coronavirus that has created panic across the globe. After China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and the UK, India too joined the coronavirus lockdown in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19. The situation is quite stressful, as people are in restrictive mass quarantine. Everyone is at home, but they are trying to keep their spirit alive by being absolute creative with the memes. After 21 days are the latest lockdown viral funny memes running on Twitter with netizens attempting to lighten up the mood during the lockdown imposed in India. If you have not seen the memes yet, do not worry, as we have assembled a few of the best ‘After 21’ viral memes. Hantavirus in China: Twitter Is Flooded with Reactions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak! Check out Funny Memes and Jokes. 

India’s lockdown became the largest quarantine outside of China, with 1.3 billion people confined to their homes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday night, announced the lockdown. People were spotted panic buying outside stores even though the government clarified daily essentials would be available. At the time of the pandemic, only memes seem to have been an immediate rescue. Netizens have flooded their Twitter timeline with ‘After 21’ memes and jokes, as the nation entered lockdown.

After 21 Days of Lockdown Memes

Hello, There!


Is It?

So Relatable!


First Time?

Introverts Be Like!

Aren’t they funny? It is good to see people using the internet in the right way. Making satirical jokes are an effective way to urge everyone to stay positive at home, while we hope the situation comes under control sooner. Meanwhile, it is advisable to not panic at the moment and rightfully obey the government’s order.

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