It’s April Fools’ Day 2021, today—a good time as ever to turn a frown upside down and lighten the mood. The day is meant for practical jokes and pranking your closed ones, but only harmless! Usually, on every April Fool’s Day, we keep seeing the increased usage of funny jokes, memes and humour quote that people share with each other to spread laughter. But this year, Google searches made a surprising revelation. As per the trends, the searches for jokes, humour and funny show a gradual decline over the years. It makes us wonder if the world has become less funny!

Studies have shown that a good sense of humour can improve our mental and physical health and better our leadership skills. When Google released its traditional year in search for 2020, it revealed that ‘happiness’ was searched more than ever. It showed how the world went online to look for hope, highlighting the significance of mental health amid the global health crisis.

Every year, on April Fools' Day, social media is flooded with hilarious jokes, humour quotes, funny jokes, and some harmless pranks. It is a tradition that we have been following for years now. But on April Fool’s Day 2021, when people are expected more to share funny memes, jokes across the internet platforms, the search interest in ‘joke,’ ‘humour’ and ‘funny’ saw a decline over the years, from 2004, till this year. The screenshots of stats show the decrease in the number of searches in these words.

Screenshot of Google Searches on Humour and Funny

Search Interest in Humour and Funny (Photo Credits: Google Screenshot)

Screenshot of Google Searches on Joke

Search Interest in Jokes (Photo Credits: Google Screenshot)

Decline in Searches for Funny (Worldwide)

Decline in Searches for Humour  (Worldwide)

Decline in Searches for Joke  (Worldwide)

The search result makes us wonder if the world has become less funny. In search of happiness online, do jokes and humour don’t entertain us anymore? The reason can be deep-rooted, and on an April Fools’ Day 2021, leaves us with serious thought as to what really makes us all laugh.

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