‘Ask Me a Question’ Is Instagram’s Newest Feature; Netizens Respond With Funniest Memes
Instagram (Photo Credits: Instagram)

As Instagram rolled out a new feature where you can let people ask you questions on stories, funny memes of the feature are pouring in on social media. The option allows users to ask questions to people and get responses in real time. Earlier apps like Formspring, Sarahah and Askfm had let users send messages to other users anonymously. However, this feature can only be used by someone who has an Instagram account and will not be anonymous. Your name will appear along with the question to the person are sending the question.

The feature is available in the app's stickers section and if want to reply, your followers can tap on your stories to send you their questions. Celebrities who used the feature were bombarded with questions of all kinds. While some social media users were in praise of the feature, not everyone appeared impressed. Many complained that it clogged Instagram stories with too many of them, however; others enjoyed answering. Funny memes, messages, jokes about how annoying the feature is have flooded Twitter.

Here are some of them:

Those who cannot handle many Instagram stories:

Don't dare ask

Anyone bored? Check Insta stories!

A little of Sarahah, please?

Not everyone is impressed, Instagram are you listening?

Marvel fans, all your questions asked

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You got me, bro!

While Instagram tried their best to be creative, Twitterati expressed their displeasure seeing a sudden increase in the number of Instagram stories per person. Instagram has rolled out the feature globally and is a part of the app's version 52 on iOS and Android. You can also tap on the question to create a new story post, and the username of the person who asked the question will not appear in the post. You can also use the feature by dragging it right onto a photo or video and placed wherever you like.