Tis, the season of Christmas, is upon us and so your birthday. December is the last month of the year. A lot of you was born in this month, and it is not the same as friends and siblings born in other months of the year. Sharing your birthday with the holiday season can be extremely annoying! Everyone around you is in the Christmas spirit, busy in decorations for the holidays, almost forgetting that someone close to them is born in the same month and they need that special attention too. The minute you hear the lyrics, ‘Dashing Through The…’ all you want to scream is a big ‘NO!’ If you are a December baby too and equally irritated with the way Santa Claus has been stealing your thunder for years, here is your time to share some relatable posts!

Having a birthday in December is no easy, and on top of everything else, we are in the middle of a pandemic. Double, the annoyance and stress! The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a lot of panic and chaos, redefining the ways we used to celebrate birthdays and festivals. We understand that health and safety come first, but we would be lying if we did not say that staying isolated is a big struggle! The birthdays have been affected. And December babies are no escape from the pandemic blues. 4 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be Born In The Last Month of The Year. 

Those born in this month, already struggles with Santa who effortlessly has been outshining their special day every year. And the COVID-19 pandemic added more woe. But we can still laugh through the time, because we have some hilarious and most relatable memes for those born in December. These December birthday jokes sum up just what exactly you feel. From Start of December to New Year Resolutions Netizens Share Hilarious Jokes and Posts Bracing for 2021. 

People Born in December!

December Birthday Memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Hopes Only?

Funny December Birthday Memes (Photo Credits: Facebook)

You Are the Boss!

Hilarious December Birthday Memes (Photo Credits: Flickr)


Funny December Birthday Memes and Jokes (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Every Year!


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We hope, these hilarious memes managed to tickle your funny bones. To all the December babies, we feel you! We hope that you have a very special birthday this year, and may everyone around you wish ‘Happy Birthday,’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas!’

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