Desi Version of Jingle Bells: Gujarati 'Ting Ting Ghanti' and Bhojpuri 'Jingle Belwa' Have to Be a Part of Your Christmas Playlist
Jingle Bells desi version (Photo Credits: YouTube Grab)

Christmas is tomorrow and is the tune of Jingle Bells buzzing in your head? The stores, malls and streets are all decked up with Christmas decorations. There are lighting in different parts, which people are going the extra mile to make their Christmas tree look just perfect! And no matter how old you grow, Christmas seems incomplete without playing the Jingle Bells song. But for true Desis at heart, there are regional versions of the song that are made by creative people on the internet. If you love cheap thrills, then the Bhojpuri version of Jingle Bells has to be on your playlist for this festive season. Christmas Carols And Songs For Free Download Online: From 'Jingle Bells' to 'Deck the Halls,' List of Xmas 2019 Carols You Must Listen to Celebrate the Joyful Occasion.

While there is no beating the classic, "Dashing through the snow..." rhyme, the Desi twist to the songs is too just funny. So Jingle Bells becomes Jingle Belwa in Bhojpuri and Ting Ting Ghantdi in Gujarati. Imitating the popular Marathi song of Jingaat, the Marathi version of this rhyme, has Jing Jing Jing Jingle! If you are not convinced, we give you videos of these different versions. Last year, a Punjabi version of the same went crazy viral on social media.

Watch Video of Bhojpuri Version of Jingle Bells:

Watch Video of Gujarati Version of Jingle Bells:

Is your head also doing the tilt move? The best part of this is "Santo, thailo leke bhaage che!" Haha!

Watch Video of Marathi Version of Jingle Bells:

If you love the song Jingaat, then this can be your favourite too!

Which one is your favourite? For a true Desi at heart, we are sure these ones remain special among the original rhyme. Imagine attending a Christmas party and you suddenly play one of the regional versions of the song! The reaction of people would be priceless, unless someone really comes out to hit at you. So this Christmas 2019, dive a little into the Desi spirit and enjoy these versions of Jingle Bells. Merry Christmas to you and your gang!