Mumbai, March 20: Social media in today’s world is not just a fantastic resource for entertainment, but people also go-through various expert-led videos to deepen their understanding of a specific subject on it. However, there are times when you might come across some bizarre videos or content, leaving you scared and convinced to give up social media for good.

Recently, a TikTok influencer claimed on the platform that dog food was a good way for fitness enthusiasts to up their daily protein consumption. While it might appear that people immediately rejected the idea due to its blatant absurdity, they actually made it a trend. Among many who tried this bizarre technique to gain proteins, one is 21-year-old Henry Clarisey, who filmed himself while attempting to eat dog food, garnering more than 20 lakh views. Study Finds Pet and Their Owners Diet Together.

However, he instantly admitted that the dry dog food kibble ‘tasted like little pieces of rocks’ and that he was regretting trying it. Even though the dog food is high in protein, he acknowledged that it is not worth it and further declared that he would never go down that path again.

This is not the first time someone has attempted to eat canine food. In 2016, ace tennis player Serena Williams ate a ‘spoonful’ of salmon food mixed with rice that was intended for her dog chip. UK: Rising Cost of Living Forces British Families To 'Eat Pet Food, Heat Meals on Radiator'; Real Food Become Unaffordable For Many. 

A few hours later, the tennis player felt nauseated and hurried to the restroom. She remarked that canine food tasted ‘sort of like a house-cleaner thing’, and she was aware that it wasn't intended for human consumption. ‘They should have penned that on the package’, she had added.

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