Dog With 70 Teeth! Owner Discovers Her Great Dane's Abnormal Condition During Routine Check Up
Dog with 70 teeth (Photo Credits: aurorarutledge Instagram)

A dog owner in the United Kingdom couldn't believe that her adopted dog had 70 teeth. Aurora Rutledge from Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma discovered about her Great Dane's extra teeth during a routine check-up to the veterinarian. The doctor told Aurora that her dog had 70 teeth, which is 28 more teeth than a typical dog. The doctor removed Loki's 21 teeth and now the animal has a set of 49 teeth. The extractions cost £600 (Rs 52,914) and now Loki is recovering at home. The animal is on a soft diet until its mouth heals completely. The dog suffered from hyperdontia, condition of having teeth addition to the regular ones. Healthy Dog Euthanised in Virginia So That The Pet Could Be Buried With Her Owner.

Aurora, a bar owner was quoted as saying, "I had taken him to our local vet as a routine checkup since he was a new rescue and mentioned to the doctor that the people we got him from mentioned that he may have retained baby teeth." She further said, "Loki is a giant puppy and is very energetic – so I hadn't had a chance to look inside his mouth myself beforehand. When we did get a chance to have a little look we could see he had more than normal, but we didn’t think he'd have 70 teeth in there!" Boo, World’s Cutest Dog Dies at 12 After Mourning the Death of His Canine Companion ‘Buddy’! Social Media Grieves.

Before and after surgery:


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Aurora adds saying, "The vet administered dental extraction onto Loki and removed 21 of his teeth, leaving him with 49 – which is still seven more than average. It was something that massively shocked us, but we’re just so glad that he is home and recovering now."

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She said, "The night of and the morning after the procedure was rough – he bled all over my couches, rug, kitchen, dog bed, me. We had to give him a medication to make him sleepy, so he wouldn't be up and around. Right now he’s still on soft food and transitioning him to more solid kibble slowly."

She further said, "After this, as far as dental goes, hopefully after all is healed, he will not even notice he had so many additional teeth! We will make sure he has his routine dental checks, especially since they did leave seven more teeth than average."