Well, what worse than cheating people, getting caught! A husband went ahead to pay his girlfriend's traffic dues using his wife's credit card. While the wife obviously didn't know of her husband's side hustle, turns out, neither did the girlfriend know of his permanent relationship. However, he got busted on both ends after he decided to use his wife’s credit card to pay for his girlfriend’s traffic fines. Wondering how the wife found out? After a complaint of credit card hacking was made.

In no time did the wife find out about the transaction made because obviously, the notification did go to her mobile number and then all she had to do was file a complaint.  The wife reported the incident to the police believing that her credit card had been hacked to pay for traffic fines only to find out that these transactions were made her husband funding his girlfriend. Bhopal Woman, After 3 Years of Marriage, Divorces Husband to 'Allow Him to Marry Girlfriend'. 

Since the girlfriend didn’t know the man was married until it was brought to her attention by the police investigation. "It was a strange case because the wife didn’t know that her husband used her credit card to pay his friend’s traffic fines. The friend didn’t know that he was married and the wife didn’t know that he had a girlfriend," says Captain Al Shehi, Deputy Director of Cyber-Crime Department at Dubai Police to DubailandGujarat Shocker: Man Gives Triple Talaq to Wife, Moves Out With Two Girlfriends; FIR Registered. 

As soon as the wife was first alerted about the problem from her bank about a credit card transaction, she called the bank to freeze the card.  "We tracked the purchase transaction and identified the woman who used the card. She was summoned to the Cyber-Crime Department for questioning and the surprise was she didn’t know her male friend was married", said the authorities.

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