A father who was taking pictures on his drone camera saved his three children after he found out that a shark was approaching them. The incident happened at New Smyrna Beach last week in Florida. Dan Watson was with his wife and three children on the beach when he saw the shark coming towards kids on the drone's display. He immediately shouted at his family who were at a distance, to move away from the water. Looking For Perfect Instagram Picture? Model Gets Shark Bites While Photoshoot.

FOX35 Orlando quoted Dan Watson as saying, "Kids were playing on the beach and I just decided. Hey, now's a good time to get a picture of the overhead. Literally, as soon as I got it into the air, I started seeing a shadow moving through the water right towards them. 'As soon as I got it into the air, I started seeing a shadow moving through the water right towards them.'" Man Dies in 3rd Shark Attack off Australia Island in 7 Weeks.

Following the incident, Dan who is a professional photographer took to social media sharing stunning pictures of the scene. The first photo shows his wife and his three children playing in the water, while the second one shows running towards the shore as the shark lurks in the waters behind them. A 50-Year-Old Naked Body Surfer at the Nudist Beach Headbutted a Shark Then Fought It Off by Punching It

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Dan's wife Sally Watson told Central Florida station News 13, "When you think of a shark, you think of them in deep water, you don't think of them extremely close, and you don't think they'll come in knee-deep water … it is terrifying to see them come that close to my kids." Last month, in a similar incident, a North Carolina dad saved his teenage daughter from shark attacks by punching the big fish five times. Florida has had 827 unprovoked shark attacks since 1882.

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