Would You Kiss a Stranger For Picture? Woman Reveals She's Done it at Eiffel Tower, Many Others Join In (Check Viral Twitter Thread)
Woman kisses stranger for pictures (Photo Credits: Twitter/KristianaKuqi and Pixabay)

The generation hooked on to social media and looking for travel goals online, posting pictures from one's travel has become a mandate. The race for likes, comments, shares is also not too new. But how far would you go to make a picture-perfect? Would you kiss a stranger just so you have a nice romantic appeal to a picture? A woman on Twitter, who is a frequent traveller revealed that she's done it at Eiffel Tower, the epitome of romance. She posted her picture with the stranger and wondered if he is doing fine. Soon enough, it turned into a viral Twitter thread where many others revealed they have resorted to this technique. Instagrammers Fall Sick After Taking Dip in Spain's Lake Monte Neme, As The Turquoise-Coloured Popular Tourist Spot is 'Toxic'!

Twitter user kristiana posted a lovely picture of herself kissing a man in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. No one would know the guy is a stranger until she tweeted about it. She wrote, "I hope this guy i met at the Eiffel Tower and asked for a pic of us kissing so i could pretend i had a romantic time in Paris is doing good." And it wasn't just a first time thing too. In the next tweet, she mentioned that she's done it in Rome and Kentucky too. Soon netizens joined in saying its a "been there, done that" thing. Although not everyone was impressed with the idea, few of them left their funny reactions. The tweet has garnered enough attention and the thread is now going viral. Looking For Perfect Instagram Picture? Model Gets Shark Bites While Photoshoot.

Check Woman's Tweet About Kissing a Stranger at Eiffel Tower:

Here's Her Picture From Rome:

The One With Fireman From Kentucky:

Her tweet has got over 3 lakh likes and 50,000 plus retweets. But she is not the only one who has resorted to this technique for the "aesthetic" pictures. Check other people who responded that they've done it too.

French Stranger in Bali

Trevi fountain

This Guy Has Done it Too

She's Clearly Not Alone

People on the internet were really amused and some totally disgusted with the idea. Some of them asked her for suggestions while others appreciated her guts. Check some of the reactions on this technique.

Loving This

Asking For a Friend



Now This Would be Actual Fun!

Please Pass on Some Confidence

We are not sure how she does it but in the thread, she mentioned that it is nerve-wracking but she feels good later on. One of the men also called it a pretty girl privilege that she can enjoy. While she has given some travel goals to others, how far would you go for a picture? Would you mind kissing a stranger to put that perfect picture on social media?