The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people unemployed leaving most people searching "how to make money online during pandemic" or how to make money online for beginners". These are valid questions because people need money now more than ever to deal with the uncertainty that this time has brought upon us. Right from buying essential items to tackling medical expenses, money is the basis of everything. Most people are losing their jobs in the current situation or are even receiving major paycuts so searches for "how to earn money online without paying anything" or "how to earn money online without investment". Some even search "how to earn money online with google" or "how to earn money online in India for students".

If you are one of those people who are looking out to earn easy money online in this difficult times, you might want to do some research on some of the convenient ways to make money from home that are available on the internet. Check out some of the real ways to make money from home amid the lockdown:

Fill Out Surveys

Many websites offer money if you are willing to take a few online surveys and put forth your views and opinions.  However, while some surveys are authentic some may even be associated with foul-play therefore it is important to get a good background check done and be careful while sending across your bank details. For transactions, PayPal is considered a safer bet.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Did you know you could offer your services while sitting at home online by being a virtual assistant to someone? Yes, you can help with the corporate work or even other assistant errands from one's home while working remotely with the clients.

Online Teaching

Since schools are closed, people are looking for online teachers that can help kids with their studies at home. If you are passionate about a particular subject, you can earn by tutoring people online and it is also known to pay off well. You can choose your remuneration hourly basis or even weekly. All you need is a good internet connection and your expertise. You can also widen your connections worldwide.

Language Translation

Are you bilingual or are capable of translating languages? You can earn some extra money while sitting at home online. Many authentic website offer project basis language translation jobs where all you need is a strong internet connection and your expertise.


Todays generation spends the most time on the internet. You can create content for them. It can be any hobby or interest that you are passionate about or even humour-based content.  Blogging/vlogging may take some time to be monetised depending on the content you provide, but it is a great career option. Create a blog through WordPress or Tumblr or use social media platforms.


Videos is today's content. People love to consume content that consists of visual and audio effects. Take your camera (phone camera to start with) and shoot your thoughts. It can be something formative or satirical comedy, you can legit try out different things and categorise on your YouTube channel. Not immediately, but if your followers like your content your channel might get monetised and you can start earning handsomely.


In the past few years, reviewing has turned into an easy job due to the advent of social media and easier technical aids. You can go ahead and start reviewing products you have purchased to start with and soon you will start getting offers from brands depending on your content. You can also review websites, movies or even shows.

Kindle eBooks

If you can create magic with your pen, you can write and upload your content on Kindle eBooks. One can publish an eBook and make money and the Kindle app is now available on almost any device.

Affiliate marketing

This can get you good money if you manage to create a good  presence on social media. Whether it is a blog or website, you can start promoting products to earn money.  Grow your fanbase enough to be able to pitch major companies and earn remuneration for that. It is easy and doen't require major investments. Go ahead, all the best!

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