'Indians on April 15th' Funny Memes: Rushing to The Parlour To Hogging Favourite Food, Hopeful Netizens Share Jokes and Videos on Situation After Lockdown Ends
April 15th memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

On March 23, 2020, Indian PM Narendra Modi announced a countrywide lockdown of 21 days from March 24. To reduce the number of Coronavirus cases in the nation, quarantine and social distancing was the need of the hour. As per the 21-day lockdown, it will get over on April 15. While there are rumours about the lockdown period getting extended, unless there are no official confirmations, everyone in India is looking forward to the day of April 15. The anticipation to leave the house freely has got the best of funny reactions and memes from the netizens. Even when the lockdown was announced, netizens reacted with funny memes. Now that April 15 is about 10 days away, people are once again making memes on jokes on how people will be ready to go out. Fact Check: Coronavirus Lockdown Extended Till April 30 in Maharashtra? Know Truth Behind Viral Fake News.

The 21-day lockdown period was a measure taken to flatten the curve of the spread of Coronavirus. However, in the last few days, the number of cases in the country are steadily rising. So staying in has become the most important measure these days. But those who are fed up of the quarantine are eagerly waiting for it to get over. The situation is tense right now, but these funny memes and jokes on how India would be like on April 15 should give you some respite. From heading to the parlours or going to hog the favourite food, people are making funny memes and jokes on the situation after lockdown is over.

Check Some Funny Memes and Jokes on April 15th:

How People Will Come Out

What All Will You Eat?

Who's Gonna Run Around Like Crazy?

Rush to The Parlour

I'm On My Way

Oh Same!

Everyone is missing out on their favourite food, while many have to rush to the parlours, the feelings are seen well from the funny memes, jokes, hilarious videos that are being shared online. At the moment, we can just anticipate, the situation in the country gets better and for that, we need to be staying in.