India is at the final days before Lockdown 4.0 ends. Will it extend further? Speculations are rife on whether there would be yet another phase of restrictions—Lockdown 5.0. At least, to the cities where there are the highest number of coronavirus cases. While the speculations are on, people on Twitter are already sharing their emotions with the help of various memes. After all, only humour can help us keep our sanity at this moment. #LockdownExtension funny memes and jokes have surfaced on the social media platform with netizens sharing their hilarious reactions as soon they see the trend. In this article, we bring you the best lockdown extension viral memes shared on Twitter, as internet users fear possible Lockdown 5.0 in the nation. #Lockdown5 Funny Memes and Jokes Trend on Social Media, Netizens Use Humour As Shield to Combat Lockdown Extension Fear. 

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing rapidly in our country. India list in the top ten most affected countries from coronavirus. There is tension in every corner of the nation and now with the Lockdown 4.0 coming to an end, and the rising number of cases hints there could be a possible extension, at least to the cities which are majorly hit by the pandemic. The decision is yet to make and officially announced. Media reports are also suggesting that few restrictions could be lifted. The speculations continue to grow, and meanwhile, Twitterati decides to spread some joy to erase the tension with Lockdown extension funny memes and jokes—check the best one, below! Lockdown 5.0 Strategy: Amit Shah Seeks Views of Chief Ministers on COVID-19 Shutdown. 

Lockdown Extension?

When, When???


Don't Think So!

Once Again

New Normal

Go Corona?!

On a serious note, India has more than 1.6 lakh cases of coronavirus with above 4,700 deaths. Maharashtra remains the worst-affected state in the country with nearly 60,000 cases and 1,897 deaths so far. The state capital of Mumbai, regarded as the financial capital of India is the worst-affected metro with more than 35,000 confirmed cases. The reports hint that there could be a lockdown extension at the states and cities majorly hit by the virus.

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