Michael Dertouzos’ 82nd Birthday: Google Dedicates Doodle to the 'Pioneer of Computer Science', Watch his Interview & Key Facts to Know About The Scientist
Landing page of Google was updated in memory of Michael Dertouzos.

Google on Monday, November 5, 2018, dedicated its artistic doodle - which appears on the landing page of the search engine - to late Greek professor Michael Dertouzos, also known as 'Pioneer of Computer Science', whose 82nd birthday falls today. Here are some key facts to know about the great Computer Scientist.

Remembered as the "pioneer of computer science", Dertouzos was born on this day in 1936 in Athens. While his father was an admiral in the Greek navy, his mother was a concert pianist. Indian Consumers Confident That Artificial Intelligence Will Make Lives Easier: Research.

Detoursaz went on to graduate himself from the Athens College. Subsequently, he attended the University of Arkansas on a Fulbright Scholarship. His next academic stop was the coveted MIT, where he earned a PhD.

After completing his research in 1968, Detoursaz joined the top institute as a faculty. His stint continued at the MIT for the next three decades.

When Detoursaz took over the reins at MIT, the institute ended up unveiling landmark innovations, including the distributed systems, time-sharing computers, the ArpaNet, and RSA encryption, an algorithm used to ensure secure data transmission.

Detoursaz played a stellar role in making LCS the North American home of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It during this era when he had conceptualised the importance of internet in day-to-day life -- much before the general populace even began using personal computers.

Video Interview of Computer Scientist Michael Dertouzos - 

In 1997, when analysts were still wondering if internet would ever be accessed by the layman in the third world, Detoursaz had said, "If we strip the hype away, a simple, crisp and inevitable picture emerges -- of an Information marketplace where people and their computers will buy, sell and freely exchange information and information work."

On August 27, 2001, Detoursaz breathed his last at Boston, Massachusetts. His shock demise, at 64 years of age, left an unfillable void in the realm of modern computer science and internet.