“Once Covid is over…” by now you must have found yourself using this phrase for the past eleven or so months. None of us ever could imagine that it would take so long for all of us to return to normalcy. We all have made plans, cancelled and are being hopeful again with ‘when covid is over.’ Packed concert halls, or relaxing at your favourite restaurants, the list contains things that we missed doing during this long time. But the thing about a pandemic is they tend to drag on. Even though we finally have the vaccines, life returning to normalcy may take some more time. ‘Once Covid is Over’ is the latest memes and jokes. They are funny, and damn relatable! Netizens sarcastically share reactions comparing the phrase to other events that may never arrive.

Ever since the pandemic has hit us, we came across a lot of viral memes and reactions, rightly capturing all our bittersweet emotions. But the wait to return to normalcy seems interminable. The new meme about ‘Once covid is over…’ is hurtful because it constantly reminds us of when is covid going to be over? Almost a year of stay-at-home, many have reached their breaking points to varying degrees. The memes on social media are still keeping people entertained.

The first instance of the viral meme seems to have started last week on Twitter, and eventually, now it is all over the internet. Once covid is over—the phrase has thousands of tweets and retweets. Amusing as some are, plenty of others co-opted the ‘once covid is over’ meme to document wholly relatable struggles in our everyday lives.

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Things seem bleak, and it is fair for social media users to compare the phrase to things that may never happen. But we must not lose hope! Yes, it is taking time, but soon we will be able to hug our friends, party till late night, eat at our favourite restaurants, enjoy family gatherings, festivals, important events and more.

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