Do you love figuring out optical illusions? They tease the brain and your vision in such a weird way until you figure it out. Now there's a stunning photo of two zebras that blend into one which makes it look like an optical illusion. The question is which zebra is looking in the front? And the answer is not easy, as both seem right. The picture was taken by wildlife photographer Sarosh Lodhi in Tanzania's Masai Mara reserve last year. Lodhi shared the picture on his Twitter today asking people to figure out which of the zebra's head is in the front. Cat or Crow? Yet Another Photo Illusion Goes Viral on The Internet.

The picture shows two zebras huddled up close and the picture is clicked at such perfect timing, when the two animals had their heads together, perfectly blending to look like one. It is a stunning image which Lodhi had called a "Zebra total eclipse" in a news report. Wildlife photography is all about timing and patience and Lodhi was lucky to get such an incredible shot that will keep people scratching their heads, every time they look at it. Netizens too are trying to figure out which zebra is looking in the front.

Check The Pic Here:

Confused, are you? Well, you are not alone. Check some of the responses.

Right One



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Pun Game

There are a lot of responses which say left, others say it is the right one. Which one is the correct answer? It is the left one (on your screen). The left is looking in the front while the right one's head is behind. This reminds us of another set of zebra pictures that went viral last year, which appeared that the animal had two heads. Because of their stripes, they blend almost perfectly. If you have been looking for some tease for your friends, then send the above photo and see if they can figure out the right answer.

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