Photos of Female Officers From Pakistan's Anti Narcotic Force Posing in Front of Drugs They Seized and Burnt Goes Viral
Pakistan's Anti-Narcotics Force (Photo Credits: Saad Hamid Facebook)

Pictures of the Pakistani Anti-Narcotics Force's (ANF) female officers standing in the backdrop of burning fire clicking selfies is viral on social media. The photos of officers celebrating the seizure of 400kg illegal drugs in Peshawar are being shared widely on social networking sites. And social media believes, it is straight out of a Hollywood movie!

With guns in hand, sporting black glasses, in their uniform, the officers look like complete badasses. The officers seized and destroyed the drugs on October 23. A Twitter account named Pakistan Defence shared the pictures on Twitter with the caption, "That's 11.5 tonnes of narcotics burning in the background with a street value of millions of dollars. The swagger is all justified. Well done lady from ANF no one ought to mess with." Virgin Policewoman Only! Indonesian Female Officers Subjected to Two-Finger Virginity Test and Are Expected to Be 'Pretty' for Recruitment

Sharing the pictures, Facebook user Saad Hamid wrote: "These were taken for an ongoing project Ideas for Impact called 'Police Awaam Saath Saath' in which we are training the police personnel all across Pakistan on how to make effective use of social media to showcase their work and use it as a medium for better communication, listening and service delivery".

Here is the Facebook post:

Most social media users were in praises of the women to represent Pakistan and showing the progressive side of it. Here is another photo:

The photos have generated various reactions on the internet. Many took to Twitter saying that it showed the tough women in Pakistan's force breaking stereotypes. A comment reads, "I say this photo is super cool. Woman you look awe-inspiring plus it’s real not fake like movies." Reportedly, more women are now present in Pakistan's workforce compared to the past. Of the total population of Pakistan, women include 50 percent. However, some stated that it is just another propaganda or PR stunt.