We have often come across the sightings of two-headed creatures, especially in snakes. But ever seen a two-headed fish? A fisherman in Maharashtra's Palghar region caught a rare spectacle of two-headed baby shark. Nitin Patil, a fisherman from Satpati village caught this small fish in his net. Confused by the looks of it, he snapped a few pictures of this fish before releasing it back into the sea. Pictures of this rare genetic anomaly were shared on social media and it is no surprise that they are going viral. Dog With Two Mouths in Oklahoma! Canine Has Salivating Mouth in Place of an One Ear, Watch Video.

As per reports, the baby shark was just about six-inches and had two heads ahead of its gills. These are extremely rare in the wild, and more so across the Indian coastline. Experts from Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute told Hindustan Times that this could be the first such documentation along the Maharashtra coastline for double-headed shark species. Dr Akhilesh KV, scientist, ICAR-CMFRI identified the species as embryo of the spadenose shark (Scoliodon laticaudus) from the Carcharhinidae family or a sharpnose shark (Rhizoprionodon species). Two-Headed Deer With One Dead Head Found by a Hunter in Kentucky, View Pics!

Check The Pics of the Two-Headed Baby Shark:

Front and Back!

Two-headed serpents are quite common, but a shark is so rare. Dr Akhilesh explained that this rare phenomenon is called dicephaly and seen in several other animal species. It is caused due to embryonic malformation. The last known records of such spotting two-headed sharks  across the Indian coastline date back to 1964 and another from 1991! The recent years finding of two-headed conjoined sharks go back to 2016 when researchers in Mexico spotted a few times in different parts of the world.

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