Rare Zebra Foal with Polka Dots Receives Funny Reactions, Memes and Jokes on The Internet!
Rare Zebra Foal With Polka Dots Due to 'Melanin Disorder' receives funny reactions (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A beautifully rare foal was spotted and photographed by Antony Tira at Maasai Mara park, Kenya. Tira initially thought the black dotted newborn zebra was marked for "migration purposes" but a closer inspection found out that its markings were due to certain melanin disorder. However, the zebra has an entirely black back and thin white stripes on its legs. The foal is the first of its kind found in the park that has polka dot markings instead of stripes. It is because of the melanistic zebra's stripes haven't appropriately developed and therefore the patterns look like spots instead of stripes. Ever since the photographs of the rare foal with dot marking across its neck and chest have surfaced the internet, they are going viral. But some people cannot stop coming up with funny reactions. Rare Zebra Foal With Polka Dots Due to 'Melanin Disorder' Spotted in Kenyan National Reserve (See Pictures). 

Check out the hilarious jokes and memes made on the poor zebra foal:



Foal play you mean?


Many animals suffer from Melanism which is caused by a build-up of dark pigmented melanin in the skin. It is the opposite of albinism and the unusual amounts of melanin sometimes cause black fur, feathers, or scales in animals. Melanism is derived from the Greek melanos, which translates to "dark-coloured".  Melanism is one of the polymorphic characteristics which means that it appears in some, but not all members of animal species.