'Roorback' is the New Word Taught by Shashi Tharoor and Twitter has Turned Into his Good Students
Shashi Tharoor tweeted a new word 'Roorback' (Photo credits: File photo)

If there is one dedicated teacher online for Vocabulary then it is Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. Time and again he posts unique words from his vocabulary, making some people on the internet his awaited students. While people are quick to open their dictionaries to understand what he means, at times he also tweets meanings of his new words. The online teacher has given the internet a new word this morning. It is 'Roorback' which means “A defamatory falsehood published for political effect.” The word Roorback seems to be a dig at the political situation within the country. Tharoor's words are so relatable at times. Remember lalochezia?

Soon after Tharoor tweeted the word and its meaning, Twitterati went into a flurry of usage, some targeting his party, some for the opposition. Tharoor captioned his tweet: “I’ve had to put up with a lot of roorbacks in the last few years.” Tharoor's tweet has got some amazing responses as usual, some funny, some expressing gratitude for his imparting knowledge. Shashi Tharoor Shares the Word "Moledro", And Twitter Can't Stop Thanking Him

Take a look at Shashi Tharoor's tweet about the new word:

Pun game strong! 

Students have started the usage 

Start your official classes already, Sir!

The ad campaign for the classes is also ready

Who needs a dictionary when you have Tharoor?

Well, Tharoor's ardent followers must be keeping a notebook with all his new words taught by them. But we wonder if these words ever make it to usage a day after he tweets them. Anyway, Tharoor and his vocabulary will always have good students willing to learn.