Social media is never less entertaining. Every now and then, there are tweets, videos, pictures and more that instantly go viral. Some are funny, others are informative, while the rest are plain humoristic, with a tint of sarcasm. On a similar note, a tweet has gone viral hilariously, sparking reactions on the microblogging platform. The viral tweet labelled Amsterdam tulip field as Kaas Pathaar in Maharashtra. Yes, you read that, right! Getting inspired by the sarcastic Twitter post, netizens came up with their own versions, and they are hilarious AF!

Known as the Valley of Flowers in Maharashtra, Kaas Plateau, also called Kaas Pathaar in Satara, is one of the most scenic places to visit in the state. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts a lot of visitors, especially during its peak season. From purple to white to green, yellow and more, the colourful flowers stretching across the huge plateau is a sight for eyes! While it is definitely a sight to behold, a Twitter user, @zoowaker thought to give it a little twist.

Sharing a picture of Amsterdam Tulip fields, she hilariously labelled it as Maharashtra’s Kaas Pathaar. The tweet instantly garnered about a thousand likes, many retweets, quotes tweets, and the count is only increasing.

Here's the Viral Tweet:

As the tweet went viral, netizens came up with their own versions, labelling different destinations with Maharashtra’s top visiting sites, including Mumbai city's heart—local trains. The images are hilarious, and you must not miss them.

Check Reactions!

Why Not!

Lakshmi Road in Pune

Hahaha, Apt!

Rankala Lake in Kolhapur

Nag River Nagpur

Bit Too Much?

If You Say So!

Manjra River, Latur

A lot of tweets, hashtags, videos and more go viral on the internet. Be it funny memes or some interesting debate; social media is always filled with entertainment. Just like the above viral tweet, which hilariously sparked reactions!

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