Halloween 2019 is just a day away and the preparations have already begun. People are sharing their attempts at pumpkin carving online and showing off their Halloween celebrations.Check some tweets here:

Kylie Jenner shared a cute video of her little girl Stormi trying to play basketball. The little one can barely just pick up the ball but she still tries making a throw. The adorable video has got close to 18 million views.Watch the Cute Video Here:

A good boi dog refused to leave his sibling's side as he got surgery done. A very adorable video has been shared online which shows the dog hugging and sitting close to its sibling.Watch the video here:

A Lebanese man found a weird sight of a snake and tail hawk bird entangled together. Picture of this sight was shared on Facebook by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). The unmissable picture is going viral.Check the Pic Here:

Today marks half a century of the first message that birthed the internet. Today we just cannot imagine functioning without one. On the 50th anniversary of the internet, people are greeting and sending Happy Birthday wishes for it.Check Some Tweets Below:

The US special forces successfully raided Syria to kill the world's most dreaded terrorist, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Due credits was given to the dog who got wounded during the raid. Amidst all this, there is another heartwarming story of a pup that was rescued from the same spot. According to reports, the pup's mother died in the raid and Fared Alhor, Syrian media activist posted about the rescue journey through a Twitter thread. Read the full story here.Check the Viral Thread:

Watch Video of the Rescued Pups:

Halloween 2019 is here and the cities across the world are differently designed to mark the spooky festival. In the recent viral moments come giant skulls made out of cardboard appeared to emerge from the streets in Mexico city's Tlahuac district. The frightening representation was however to mark Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead).Watch Viral Video:

Women have moustache too and razor brand, Billie is striving to normalise it. In the new campaign, the Indie brand is changing the whole concept of body hair by encouraging women to participate in Movember. The ad featuring women with mustaches has greatly impressed the netizens as the video goes viral.Watch the Video:

People are trying hard enough to beat the mid week blues. But is it so easy? We don't think so! Twitterati is trending 'laziness' as boredom and mid week blues are taking over the internet. And the tweets are hilariously going viral.Check Tweets:

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo arranged an early Halloween 2019 spirit for its animals and they seem to love the spooky treats already. From bears to goats to everything, the animals absolutely adored their surprise pumpkin snacks.Watch the Viral Video:

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The festival of Diwali has come to an end and we are sure all of you are tired to head back to your office after this long break. So to beat your mid-week blues, positive quotes, thoughts and messages have started trending on social media. #WednesdayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom are up on the feeds with inspiring quotes, images and good morning messages. Other than that, all that will trend throughout the day we will try and cover it here in this section. So to keep a tab on the trending topics, funny memes and viral videos throughout the day stay tuned with us.

The festive occasion of Halloween is just a day away but the spooky spirit is within everyone, everywhere. So pictures of Halloween-themed costumes, party ideas or pets dressed up in their Halloween attires are being shared on social media. Mischief Night or also called the Devil's Night is being marked today in the US. On this day, children, teens, and young adults engage in pranks and harmless vandalism. It is also associated with Halloween.

The internet is a unifying place for all global trends. A trending issue can hardly be limited to one area. Be it a fun social media challenge or an interesting piece of news, the reactions come in from everywhere. One also cannot really predict what goes viral and why it could be an animal doing something stupid or just an innocent video of a kid. In this section, we will try to cover all these trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day. So stay tuned as we keep you updated with all the trends from around the world.