Remember in February this year someone posted a hilarious video of US President Donald Trump dancing to Ranveer Singh's popular track Malhari from Bajirao Mastani, by morphing the actor's face with the President? Well that video is going viral once again thanks to the social media director in the office of US President Donald Trump, Dan Scavino. Read the full report hereCheck Out the Tweets:

A boy in Florida, called 911 because he was hungry. The police immediately responded but on the way, they learnt, that the child was not really in trouble. The officers took the opportunity to explained him to the importance of dialing 911 and also treated the little one with pizza.Here's the Viral Post:

When Twitter user, @im_your_density discovered a picture that is hilarious and raise thousand questions, he decided to start a trend. Inviting netizens online to share images that are extremely stupid, but you will never delete them from your phone. Tweeple joins in.Here's the Viral Tweet:

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Amul has dedicated a topical ad about the current developments in Jammu and Kashmir. The popular Indian dairy brand shared the ad with the caption, "#Amul Topical: J & K loses special status under #Article370." Read the entire story here.

Photo of a cow's udder with a diamond ring on it is going viral on social media. According to a viral post, a man proposed his girlfriend by putting the ring on the cow's udder. However, social media users did not support the man's unique idea. Read the entire story here.

Video of a policeman showing off his dance moves is going viral on social media. The clip shows the cop lipsyncing while dancing to a popular hit song. Read the entire story here.

Dogs are known for their tantrums and this one seems to be having a lazy day. This video of a woman trying to make their pet dog walk has gone viral on social media. The animal refuses to stand up and lies on the pavement as the woman tries her best to wake up the dog.Here is the Video:

Indian parents have their ways of ensuring discipline among the kids. And as strict as it maybe it has proven to be fruitful in its own ways. So here's a funny meme on the same which while is totally relatable, it is surely funny.Check out the funny meme here:

Getting across a glass door can be troublesome sometimes, especially if they do not have the signs. Also, many people still confuse between push and pull signs. A video of a woman trying to get through a glass door has come online and the unfortunate woman bangs on the door thrice! The video is quiet funny and now going viral.Watch the funny video:

Kylie Jenner's birthday is on August 10. Her boyfriend Travis Scott, however, cannot wait till the big day and has already started with surprises for her. He filled up her entire house with roses and an overwhelmed Kylie put up videos on her Instagram. While the video is getting all the love, some people have given certainly funny reactions.Watch Video of Kylie Jenner's House Filled With Roses:

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Are you up and about to head to work, if you have enjoyed a long weekend that is. Thanks to the heavy downpour of monsoons in parts of India, some people got an extended off on Monday. So Tuesday is going to seem a challenge to wake up to. While the rains seem to have taken a respite at least in the city, motivational Tuesday thoughts are up and among the top trends on Twitter today. Throughout the day, the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes will be covered here.

August 6 marks the history of atomic bombings in Japan during World War II.  So this day is marked as Hiroshima Day. The United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped an atomic bomb on the city on August 6, 1945 which almost destroyed its existence altogether. The effects were so worse that almost 90,000–166,000 had died as a result of the blast and its effects that year.

The beauty of the internet is, it connects the whole world together. So what is viral elsewhere, takes little time to come to the other part of the world. There are some wonderful trends that come up on Twitter, sometimes utterly bizarre and sometimes too interesting. All those trends, we will try and cover it for you.

Internet is a place where you meet all kinds of people and strangest trends. From meme-makers to storytellers, the wide web of the internet keeps people entertained always and here we will cover all the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes throughout the day. So stay tuned with us.