Microblogging site Twitter went down for many users for a brief period of time this evening. Around 7.15 PM, users were unable to tweet or refresh their page, or see the explore section. Usually, when any other app goes down, like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, people rush to Twitter to share their instant reactions and confirm if they are the only ones who are facing the issue. However, with Twitter itself going down, it was difficult to gauge the reactions, unless the microblogging site came back again. And it is no surprise that #TwitterDown and memes about it have started trending online as people confirm with each other again. Netizens have resorted to sharing funny memes, GIFs and jokes as reactions to the brief outage.

It is unclear what caused an outage and although it was for a few minutes, people who are constantly active on the site were quick to notice. A tweet by Outage Alert mentions it was a service outage. The site was flashing messages of "Try Again, Something Went Wrong," and "Twitter is Experiencing Overcapacity." Now that the site is back again, people are sharing the relief through memes and jokes. Instagram Down Funny Memes and Jokes Take over as Netizens Rush to Twitter to Vent Their Frustration in the Most Hilarious Way!

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on Twitter Down:

Twitter Took a Power Nap

Over Capacity!

Twitterati Be Like...

Internet Connection to Twitter Users

Panic Struck Netizens

When Twitter Wasn't Working

It's a little funny how Twitter Down is trending back up on Twitter itself which is now functioning just fine. Were you among the ones, who even noticed that the microblogging app went down? If not, you can just enjoy the funny memes and jokes that are trending now.

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