Two Stubborn Cats Ken-Chan & Goasaku Continue Their Attempt to Get Inside Japan’s Art Museum After Repeated Denial Since Two Years, View Pics
Two Stubborn Cats Ken-Chan & Goasaku (Photo Credits: @bijutsu1/ Twitter)

We love our feline friends. When they rub against our legs, knead out laps or look us in the eye and purr, aww, how we adore them. But they are not easy. Cats have an attitude problem. Plus, they are adamant too! As difficult it is to please them, you can also not convince them to anything that they should not do. These two furry felines in Japan are proof. From two years straight, they have been trying to get into an art museum. They were repeatedly denied, but the stubborn cats possibly to look at some artworks did not stop their attempts. Dogs or Cats? Know Who is Smarter and Why According to Scientific Backing!

These all began in 2016, when the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum held a cat photography exhibition, according to The Dodo. A few days after the exhibit opened, Ken-chan, a black cat attempted his first solo foray. Just before the cliff, the cat was spotted by a security guard that was caught on camera. But the cat would not be discouraged so easily. An Adorable Cat Named Dog is Selling Fish in Vietnam, See Cute Pictures of the Feline Seller. 

They are stubborn!

Last year in March, the same black cat returned and was promptly sent on his way yet again. Now, he brought a friend named Goasaku. The orange cat accompanied his buddy on yet another excursion. Despite the museum’s security guard’s gentle attempts to keep them away, the duo kept coming back and would sit outside the glass entrance doors.

The videos of the cat’s denial to get entry to the museum has gone viral.

The security guard gives them the occasional pat on the head, but ultimately has to do his job. Reportedly, the museum’s official Twitter account is surfaced with photos of the frequent furry visitors. But they are struggling to keep with demand amid a rise in visitors and orders sent via social media. Meanwhile, the cats are still waiting to be officially invited into the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum.