Wine Fountain! Prosecco Fermentation Tank Explodes at Italian Winery, 30,000 Litres of Wine Trickles Out; Watch Viral Video
30,000 Litres of Wine Trickles Out at Italian Winery (Photo Credits: L'enoteca Zanardo Giussano/ Facebook)

Winemaking has been around for thousands of years, and experts from around the world are carrying forward its legacy researching and producing the best with a distinct flavour in those large factories for our test buds. Italy is one among the oldest wine-producing nations worldwide, only second to France. The Italians are known to consume more wine than other nationalities possibly because of the high quality of wines from Italy’s vineyards. However, dramatic footage of wine fountain which is now going viral has distressed wine lovers across the European country. The video captures the moment when about 30,000 litres of Prosecco went to waste at an Italian winery after a fermentation tank exploded. This has come in as a nightmare to not just Italians but wine lovers from around the world, gathering as many reactions. Good Old Wine! China Archaeologists Find 2000-year-old Vintage Wine. 

The winery named L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano posted a video that shows the fountain of sparkling wine gushing over the edges of a huge tank, and it has since been viewed by more than a million of people worldwide. The incident took place at a winery on Conegliano in Veneto region, Italy. In the video below, an enormous pool of Prosecco can be seen forming at the base of the tank as it continues to overflow. 244-Year-Old Vintage Wine! Vin Jaune Wine Sells for a sum of 103,700 Euros at an Auction in France. 

Watch the video as Prosecco fermentation tank explodes.

As it received as many reactions, some fans of the Italian sparkling wine even mocked to head at the spot immediately. One of the users commented as translated by media outlets, “We need to pack up the rubber dingys and long straws and find this place.” While another joked, “Get your glass ready and get over to Italy.” The overflowing of the sweet liquid was recorded by one of the workers at the factory. The cause behind the explosion has still not been announced. Fortunately, reports suggest that the wine-producing region, wineries in Veneto have experienced one of the best harvests on record.

They are expecting the region to produce about 600 million bottles of lovely bubbly Prosecco this year, a significant increase on last year’s harvest. But, still, we cannot overlook how many bottles just disappeared in no time. On the other hand, Prosecco is having a tough time in Britain as the exports have fallen for the first time in a decade. Drinkers increasingly opt for English fizz instead. Besides, this is not the first time when we have witnessed a devastating wine incident. In 2005, a truck containing 30,000 bottles of Spanish wine in France was drained into the streets.