Woman Drags a Puppy Behind Her Electric Scooter, Leaves it With Bleeding Paws (Watch Horrifying Video)
Woman poses with bleeding dog and says. "Sh*t happens!" (Photo Credit: Facebook/ James Dowell)

Animal cruelty seems to to be one of most heinous crimes that we fail to understand the existence of. In a video that has now gone viral, a horrifying incident of a woman was caught. The security cameras of James Dowell captured some infuriating video of a woman dragging a small dog down the road behind an electric scooter. The woman dragged the little puppy behind her electric scooter for the longest of time. The videos of the incident were posted on Facebook by Brandon Sanders day before yesterday, 8th of January. He also posted a picture of the woman holding the puppy with bloody paws and smiling saying, "Shit happens!" The photos and videos have enraged the people online, and rightly so. Hyderabad Animal Cruelty: 4 Puppies Burnt Alive While Sleeping in Garbage Dump; 3 Dead, Other Seriously Injured.

Take a look at the video of the woman dragging the puppy behind her electric scooter.

According to media reports by Waff48, Brandon Sanders was out riding a bike over the weekend when the woman drove by. He described the scene to the esteemed portal and said. "We watched this awesome human being riding one of the Bird Scooter’s at about 15 MPH dragging this poor dog behind her by a leash." He further explained, "The dog was on its side, and we watched it being drug at least 100 yards and there’s no telling how long she had been dragging it for before we saw her."

It is said that the woman dragging the puppy wasn’t the real owner of the dog. However, the dog is now getting treatment and is back with her family.

The woman’s attorney released a statement that was received by Waff48 read- "We have been 100% cooperative with the Bakersfield Police Department and their investigation. My client loves animals, especially Zebra, the dog who was shown in the video. We are confident that once law enforcement has concluded their investigation that this will be ruled an isolated incident. The dog is doing great and expected to have a full and short recovery."