146/5 (11.0 ov)NZ
ENG 146/7 (11.0 ov)
CRR: 13.27 | New Zealand tied with England (England win Super Over by 9 runs)

NZ tied with ENG (ENG win Super Over by 9 runs) | New Zealand vs England, Highlights And Cricket Score 5th T20I Match

England in New Zealand, 5 T20I Series, 2019

Date: Nov 10, 2019 Start Time: 06:30 IST | 01:00 GMT | 14:00 Local
Venue: Eden Park, Auckland

New Zealand vs England Highlights And Cricket Score 5th Match - T20I Summary

End of Over : 11.0 ENG: 146/7

England lift the trophy, having taken the series 3-2! What a fabulous series. Started England's way, tilted towards New Zealand, almost overturned but at the last moment, Jordan pulled it back - first with the bat and then with the ball. The teams now get ready to play red-ball cricket, with the first Test starting on Thursday, 21st November, 2019 at 11 am local (2200 GMT) in Mount Maunganui. One of our colleagues (we call him Selfie, do not ask why), feels that the best timings across the world to watch cricket is Tests in New Zealand. He is already ready, eagerly waiting for the first ball to be bowled, to cover that series. You be there too. But for now, ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious England captain, Eoin Morgan, says that he is delighted with the result, first of all, being surprised that they manged to get a game given the conditions. Praises both sides for playing really well in a 11-over game and adds that Chris Jordan was super in the Super Over. On his stunning catch, Morgan says that he himself is surprised and believes that lot of money would have lost by people betting on him to drop the catch. On his thoughts about playing an extended game, Eoin says that none of the players would have minded it, given the excitement it caused.

New Zealand captain, Tim Southee, feels that it was a great entertainment for the crowd but is sad that he could not finish on the right side of it. On being asked abut 146, Southee says that he did feel that it might be enough but adds that now-a-days, nothing can be taken for granted. Feels that it was a terrific T20I series and is looking forward to the Tests now.


JONNY BAIRSTOW HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Bairstow says that it does feel nice to score some runs and add value to the team's cause. Feels the pitch was excellent for the batsmen. Admits that 147 was imposing but also says that there were a few guys in the team who have played T10 cricket and they had the confidence. Hopes to take this momentum into the Test series.

Now, England. How did they win this? Just like they did on July 14, 2019. The Kiwis were the better side for the major portion of the game but the visitors won crucial moments. For instance, after going for 55 in the first 3 overs, stemming the run flow. At that stage, some might have expected even 200 from the Kiwis. Then, with the bat, to pull off a heist in spite of losing Morgan, then Bairstow. Hats off to the Sam Currans and the Chris Jordans who made fans believe that if you stay till the end, you can still cross the line. Please stay tuned for the presentation.

With the bat, one has to question the shot selections by some of the Kiwi batsmen. They got out to the longest part of the boundary which should not have been the case. Targetting the right areas to the correct side of the ground, is the ideal way to go.

One of the few decisions was the choice to let Tim Seifert face the first ball of the Super Over. Too high a pressure to let the youngster face. Guptill should have faced it. Then backtracking, some of the bowling lengths, allowing Sam Curran to get some easy runs and then that final over from Chris Jordan - full tosses at that stage?

Finally, the match ends. A game which should have started at 2 pm local and ended at 5.30 pm, started around 4 pm and has ended at 6.30 pm instead. But what a thriller. Boiling down to the last ball of the regular game and then into the Super Over. England have been given back what they gave in Nelson. The Kiwis had this in the bag - but some poor decisions cost them the game.

Ball 6: Chris Jordan to Colin de Grandhomme, DOT BALL. ENGLAND WIN BY 9 RUNS IN THE SUPER OVER! It is over. Jordan has done it. Outside off, de Grandhomme punches it away but it is straight to cover. The batsmen do not even bother running, helplessly looking at the cock-a-hoop English side.

Ball 5: Chris Jordan to Martin Guptill, 1 RUN. That should be the series for England! 10 NEEDED FROM THE FINAL BALL! Guptill is unhappy. In fact, he is furious. Full and outside off, Martin smashes this down to long off and all he can get is a single.

Colin de Grandhomme walks in now.

Ball 4: Chris Jordan to Tim Seifert, OUT! Brilliant catch from Morgan! The Kiwis need 11 from 2 balls now! Full and outside off, Seifert swings his bat, looking to go inside out but his bottom hand comes off the bat and the ball is skewed high in the air. It looks like the ball will clear the fielder but Eoin Morgan races to his left from cover, keeps his eyes on the ball, dives and takes a stunner!

Ball 3: Chris Jordan to Tim Seifert, DOT BALL! Full and outside off, Seifert gets across, looks to ramp but misses. 11 NEEDED FROM 3 NOW.

Ball 2: Chris Jordan to Tim Seifert, FOUR! 11 NEEDED FROM 4 NOW! Full toss, outside off, Seifert backs away and gets it over mid off. The fielder runs back, dives to pull it back in but it is in vain!

Ball 2: Chris Jordan to Tim Seifert, WIDE! The bowler cannot be blamed for that. Tim backs away to the leg side and Jordan bowls it wide outside off. TS reaches out, looking to carve it away but misses. Jordan is not happy with that call. 15 NEEDED FROM 5.

Ball 1: Chris Jordan to Tim Seifert, 2 RUNS. Full and outside off, Seifert gets down and across and scoops it wide of fine leg, for a couple. 16 needed from 5.

Right. The players are back out in the middle. Chris Jordan is the man decided by England. He changes ends though. Not quite sure what is the rule. Nasser Hussain believes that both bowlers should be bowling from one end - whichever be it. Martin Guptill and Tim Seifert are the openers. Looks like Colin de Grandhomme will bat at 3. Here we go...

How ironic is this? New Zealand scored 17 off the first over of this match. And they need 18 off the last over to win the series. Southee missed his length twice in that Super Over and was punished brutally. 18 is a bit too much to get but on this ground, can anyone say anything? Who will be England's Jofra Archer or Ben Stokes tonight?

Ball 6: Tim Southee to Eoin Morgan, 2 RUNS. Nice delivery to finish. Low full toss and around middle, Eoin drags this wide of long on and comes back for the second. NEW ZEALAND NEED 18 TO WIN!

Ball 5: Tim Southee to Jonny Bairstow, 1 RUN. Around middle, pushed to long on for a run. JB wants the second but Morgan rightly sends him back. 15 OFF 5.

Ball 4: Tim Southee to Jonny Bairstow, SIX! Jonny time! Southee goes length and Bairstow sends him north. Around middle, Jonny goes deep in his crease and swings it miles over long on! 14 OFF 4.

Ball 3: Tim Southee to Eoin Morgan, 1 RUN. Around middle, just short of a yorker, worked through mid-wicket for a single. 8 OFF 3.

Ball 2: Tim Southee to Eoin Morgan, SIX! First of the big hits in the Super Over! 7 off 2. Right in the slot, a length ball, around off, Morgan gets underneath it and sends it sailing over long on!

Ball 1: Tim Southee to Jonny Bairstow, 1 RUN. Full on middle, swung down the ground to long on for a single.

New Zealand bowled better than England but lost it towards the end. They started well, let it loose after Morgan got out, then got it back, only to lose it again. Here come the players again. Bairstow and Morgan are the openers. Tim Southee has taken the responsiblity of bowling the Super Over.

We did feel that 146 may not be enough in 11 overs on this ground. But at 39/3, it seemed like New Zealand had it in their bag. But then Bairstow took over and got it down to 47 from 25 balls before his departure triggered a collapse. And then, we had a Neesham nightmare or a Jordan special - whichever way you look at it.

Seen everything now. Almost 300 scored in a 22-over match. And a Super Over at the end of it. The last match of the T20I series has fittingly boiled down to this.

10.6 4

James Neesham to Chris Jordan. FOUR! IT IS A SUPER OVER! Everyone is smiling. Neesham cannot believe the Christmas gift he just gave. Jordan smiles and feels he was just two metres from winning it here itself for his side. A full toss, around middle, Chris pulls it behind square leg, one bounce and into the fence!

10.5 2

James Neesham to Chris Jordan. Full and around middle, swung through mid-wicket for a brace.

10.4 6

James Neesham to Chris Jordan. SIX! That has gone off the toe end! A high full toss outside off, Jordan throws his bat at it but does not get it cleanly. Trent Boult gets across from sweeper, leaps for the catch but it sails over!

10.3 W

James Neesham to Tom Curran. OUT! Caught at short third man! A length ball, pretty wide outside off, Curran throws his bat at it and gets a thick outside edge. The ball flies thick and fast but straight to Colin de Grandhomme at a very fine short third man! Well done, Mr. Southee. Who keeps a short third man so fine? Well, you did.

10.2 1

James Neesham to Sam Billings. Outside off, on a length, punched down the ground. The ball races away but Tim Southee at mid off slides across to his right to stop the ball. Just a single. 13 needed from 4 balls.

10.1 2

James Neesham to Sam Billings. Yorker on middle, dug out back past the bowler. Mid off gets across and slides but by that time, two runs are taken!

End of Over : 10 10 Runs 11.0: 131/6
9.6 1

Tim Southee to Sam Billings. The batsman failed to make contact and was hit low on the pads. They pick up a single. Leg bye given by the umpire.

9.5 1

Tim Southee to Tom Curran. The batsman has dug out that yorker at the last second. They pick up a single.

9.4 1

Tim Southee to Sam Billings. Outside off, Billings carves this high in the air. Guptill comes running in from sweeper but the ball lands in front! A run taken.

9.3 1

Tim Southee to Tom Curran. Dropped short, pulled away for a single.

9.2 1

Tim Southee to Sam Billings. Outside off, dabbed to third man for a single.

9.2 wd

Tim Southee to Sam Billings. WIDE. The batsman goes after this one but misses the line completely. Wide signalled by the umpire.

9.1 4

Tim Southee to Sam Billings. FOUR! Down the leg side, paddled over short fine leg!

England in New Zealand 5 T20I Series 2019 - News

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