258/7 (50.0 ov)AUS
NZ 187/10 (41.0 ov)
CRR: 4.56 | Australia beat New Zealand by 71 runs

AUS beat NZ by 71 runs | Australia vs New Zealand, Highlights And Cricket Score 1st ODI Match

Chappell-Hadlee Trophy, 2020

Date: Mar 13, 2020 Start Time: 09:00 IST | 03:30 GMT | 14:30 Local
Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney

Australia vs New Zealand Highlights And Cricket Score 1st Match - ODI Summary

End of Over : 41.0 NZ: 187/10

That's all from this game! Australia start the series with a win and they would look to seal the deal in the next game itself. The Kiwis, on the other hand, would look to pull up their socks and perform better. The second game will be played at the same ground which will start at 1030 local (2330 GMT, Previous day). Join us for that. Until then, cheers!

MAN OF THE MATCH IS MITCHELL MARSH! Says that as a team they were disappointed with the series loss in South Africa and they were pumped up to get a win today. Lauds the efforts of David Warner and Aaron Finch at the top which set up the platform for them.

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson, terms it a tough pitch and feels that Australia had an above par total on the board. Mentions that Australia's opening partnership provided them the momentum and then they got handy runs towards the end as well. Admits that they need to be a bit better with their lines and also feels that they have to focus on extending the partnerships with the bat. Praises his spinners for doing a good job in the middle overs.

Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, says that it was a crucial toss to win on a dry surface and also adds that they bowled superbly in Powerplay 1 to restrict New Zealand. Feels that their opening partnership was nice and he and Warner had to adjust to the slowness of the wicket.

Earlier in the day, Australia lost their way with the bat after a powerful beginning. They somehow limped their way past the 250-run mark and that turned out to be more than enough in the end. As far as their bowling is concerned, they were very professional in their approach and always maintained a firm grip on the match. The Aussie bowlers not only picked wickets at regular intervals, they also dried out the runs to build extra pressure on the Kiwi batsmen. Overall, Aaron Finch will be thrilled with their performance in the field, although their issues with the middle order batting still remains unfixed. For the visitors, they didn't play badly but their approach with the bat was questionable. The pitch was on the slower side and they should have shown more intensity in Powerplay 1. Stay tuned for the presentation...

Clinical win for Australia and they return to winning ways in ODIs after 5 losses in a row! It was a combination of accurate bowling and overcautious approach by the Black Caps that decided the fate of this match. It was a below-par total that the Kiwis were chasing but they managed just 28 runs in Powerplay 1 and from thereon built unnecessary pressure on themselves. Martin Guptill played an uncharacteristic knock while the other batters in the top order failed to get going. Tom Latham and Colin de Grandhomme did try to revive the chase with a 51-run partnership but once they got out, New Zealand's fight was over.

40.6 W

Pat Cummins to Trent Boult. OUT! CAUGHT! That's the end of the game! Short ball on middle, Boult moves inside his crease and then looks to pull but it takes the top edge and goes way up in the air. Cummins runs ahead and takes the catch near the stumps at the striker's end. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 71 RUNS.

40.5 0

Pat Cummins to Trent Boult. Full delivery on middle, Boult defends it to cover.

40.4 1

Pat Cummins to Ish Sodhi. Full on middle, Sodhi flicks it to deep square leg and picks up a single.

40.3 1

Pat Cummins to Trent Boult. Length ball outside off, Trent moves to the off side and defends it to cover. A single taken.

40.2 4

Pat Cummins to Trent Boult. EDGED AND FOUR! There will always be entertainment when Trent Boult is at the crease! Short ball on middle, Boult makes room and then looks to heave it to the leg side. He gets a top edge and the ball goes over the keeper's head and into the fence.

40.1 1

Pat Cummins to Ish Sodhi. Good length ball outside off, Sodhi guides it to third man for a single.

End of Over : 40 7 Runs 41.0: 180/9
39.6 W

Mitchell Marsh to Lockie Ferguson. OUT! TIMBER! Another one goes down! Ferguson goes. Australia just one wicket away from a victory. Good length ball on off, Ferguson looks to heave it away but misses and the ball goes onto hit the stumps. Trent Boult is the next batsman in.

39.5 1

Mitchell Marsh to Ish Sodhi. Full on middle, Sodhi flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single.

39.4 4

Mitchell Marsh to Ish Sodhi. FOUR! Marsh bowls a yorker on middle, Sodhi digs it out and it goes past the keeper towards fine leg for a boundary.

39.3 0

Mitchell Marsh to Ish Sodhi. BEATEN! On a good length and outside off, Sodhi looks to go big but misses it.

39.2 1

Mitchell Marsh to Lockie Ferguson. Good length delivery on middle, Ferguson flicks it through mid-wicket for a run.

39.1 1

Mitchell Marsh to Ish Sodhi. On a length on middle, Sodhi flicks it through square leg for a single.

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