New Delhi, February 5: Apple has once again pushed the boundaries with its latest innovation, the Apple Vision Pro. This high-tech headset is a doorway to a wide range of experiences through multiple features and use cases. The Apple Vision Pro headset combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create a seamless digital environment. The Apple Vision Pro comes with advanced features that is expected to transform how a user can interact with their surroundings.

As per a report of Times of India, Apple Vision Pro has many use cases and features. Imagine being able to watch 33 matches simultaneously without missing a beat. The Vision Pro makes this possible with its ability to stream multiple sports events at once. This feature is likely to deliver a real-time and immersive experience for a user. Apple Likely To Introduce New AI Features With iOS 18 Update for Its Upcoming iPhone and Other Devices a Worldwide Developers Conference 2024.

The Vision Pro is expected to turn any space into an expansive theatre. Users can expect a cinematic experience with ultra-high resolution displays and Personalized Spatial Audio tailored to their head and ear geometry. The dual amplified drivers in each audio pod are likely to deliver high-quality audio, surrounding a user in their favourite tunes or music.

Vision Pro headset features the first 3D camera from Apple. This feature of Vision Pro is anticipated to enable users to record and fully engage with their past images as if they were present within them. With this technology, a user can see all their iCloud photos with great clarity. Panoramic photos, when viewed on Vision Pro, give the feeling of being within the scene.

The multitasking capabilities of the Vision Pro is quite impressive. A user can attend a work meeting, help their child with homework and catch glimpses of an NBA game; all can be done with multiple virtual screens at the same time. The visionOS and its 3D interface can offer a infinite screen that will likely allow a user for enhanced productivity. Brighter AI: Apple Plans To Buy German AI Startup To Strengthen Its Vision Pro, Says Report.

The Vision Pro can also transform a user into an interior decorator, letting virtually paint the walls in any colour before making a decision. For those who love to travel and cook, it can offer virtual trips to exotic locations and can also project a holographic recipe onto a user's kitchen counter.

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