New Delhi, June 26: Apple, the tech giant is reportedly planning for job cuts with a shift in its workforce strategy. As per multiple reports, Apple might have plans to automate its iPhone final assembly lines in a few years. The automation strategy of Apple could affect its workforce resulting in layoffs from iPhone assembly lines in the future.

According to a report of The Information, Apple is planning to reduce its employees working on the final assembly lines of iPhones over the next few years. The company aims to cut jobs by up to 50% working at iPhone final assembly lines. Yes Bank Layoffs: Private Sector Bank Lays Off Around 500 Employees in Cost-Cutting Move; Check Details.

The step is expected to be a part of Apple's strategy to automate more of the iPhone assembly process. The goal of the company might be to rely less on human workers after the Foxconn incident in China in 2022. It also suggests that Apple wants to make its iPhone manufacturing processes more efficient and productive. Automating more steps will allow the company to produce iPhones with fewer people involved in the final assembly.

Apple is reportedly working to automate more of the iPhone assembly process as part of its strategy, which is expected to include reviving previous automation projects that had been put on hold. The report also suggests that Apple is encouraging its manufacturing partners, like Foxconn, Luxshare Precision and Pegatron, to invest upfront in these automation efforts, as per a report of India TodayStartup Layoffs: Bengaluru-Based ReshaMandi Lays Off 80% of Its Workforce Over Struggling To Secure Series B Funding.

According to reports, Apple's Senior Vice President of Operations, Sabih Khan, has ordered job cuts, which might have come after violent protests that took place outside the Foxconn main assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China, in November 2022. The unrest at the Foxconn plant showed the risks of Apple heavily relying on human workers in its extensive supply chain. This might have prompted Apple to re-evaluate its production strategies and look for ways to reduce its dependence on human labour.

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