New Delhi, February 26: Google, the tech giant known for its innovative approaches and solutions for enhancing user experiences, is reportedly working on a new feature that could change the way a user can communicate over phone calls. In today's world, where emojis have become common in text-based chats, Google is said to be taking a step further by introducing "Audiomojis".

As per a report of English Jagran, Google may introduce sound effects to improve the calling experience with a feature named "Audiomojis". Audiomojis might be a concept that is expected to integrate sound effects into phone conversations. The feature will likely enhance calling experiences by allowing users to share emotions and reactions through audio, much like how emojis work in messages or chats. Truecaller Launches AI-Powered Call Recording Feature in India for iOS and Android Platforms.

The Audiomojis feature is expected to debut on Pixel smartphones. During a call, users will likely have the option to play certain sound effects that reflect their reactions, similar to the animated effects seen when reacting to a message in the Google Messages app. The feature was first noticed as 'sound reactions' in September and later appeared in the "124" version of the beta channel.

The initial rollout of the Audiomojis is anticipated to include six different reactions, which might include laugh, applause, party popper, sad, cry and drum roll with GIF animations and backgrounds. By integrating these sound effects, Google might be exploring new ways to convey calling features. The concept of Audiomojis might have attracted the interest of the tech community for more engaging communication options on their smartphones. Krutrim AI: Bhavish Aggarwal Launches India’s AI Chatbot To Take On OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini.

Google has not officially confirmed the development of Audiomojis. The details surrounding this feature remain unclear and particularly regarding its release date. The incomplete code suggests that the feature in the beta version might be delayed before it becomes widely available for users. It's also unknown whether the feature will be available only to Pixel phones or if it will be available to other Android smartphones.

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