Blackberry Takes Snapchat To Court for Infringing Patented Messaging Technology

Blackberry Ltd, a prevalent Canadian multinational company is suing Snap Inc for employing its patented messaging technology in its popular Snapchat app. Last Month, the Canadian firm had also filed a similar complaint against the social networking giant - Facebook Inc.

As company’s core security-focused software business, John Chen continuously has been working to discover supplementary aspects for generating revenue as investors have expressed concern over growth rates. Thus, BlackBerry focused more on hunting through its library of wireless tech and messaging patents for finding more opportunities for licensing deals & lawsuits.

As per the allegations filed in March, Blackberry states that Facebook has copied same old methods for displaying messages in its apps which were patented when BlackBerry's messaging service was in demand globally. Moreover, the MNC has accomplished securing settlements with Cisco Systems Inc., phone maker BLU Products as well as Avaya Holdings Corp.